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Pros / This time tracking software is compatible with rugged time clocks, which allows employees to clock in and out from job sites.

Cons / Salaried employees' time and attendance isn't tracked by this system.

 Verdict / iSolved Time is a good solution for businesses with hourly employees. It has tools that make clocking in and out and tracking time-off accruals simple.

ISolved Time, the time and attendance software application formerly known as TimeForce, is a web-based solution for tracking employee timesheets. It integrates with several different types of time clocks, including rugged models that can be used by employees that work on various job sites. It can also be used with badge terminals and biometric scanners. ISolved Time includes a mobile app your employees can also use to clock in and out.

Getting started with this employee time clock is easy. ISolved Time earned an 85 percent in overall usability. This time and attendance application is hosted on iSolved's servers. It automatically backs up and saves your data so that nothing is lost. The company provides professional setup at no extra cost. If you need additional training, it's included with your service plan.

This time tracking software has most of the time and attendance functions your hourly employees will need. It manages time-off requests and automatically calculates accruals. From the self-service portal, employees can request shift changes, clock in and out and request time off. While you can easily track hourly employees' time, you cannot track time and attendance for salaried staff.

From the administrator dashboard, you can control who has access to each portal and what information employees and managers can view. This employee time clock also provides audit trails, which help ensure compliance with Department of Labor regulations. Any changes you make to your payroll are permanently saved in these trails. As the administrator, you can customize the dashboard to notify you when employees submit time-off requests. You can also see who is clocked in at any given time. Some functions included with the best time and attendance software are also available with iSolved TimeForce; however, they may cost extra. This includes a module for tracking employee performance and productivity.

If you need help navigating the program, iSolved Time has several support options. You can contact customer support through email or live chat. ISolved's tech support agents have remote access capabilities so they can guide you through any trouble you may run into. There is a knowledgebase available on the company's website, but there isn't a FAQs page.

This time attendance software integrates with many physical time clocks, including rugged time clocks, biometric time clocks and badge terminals. There is also a mobile app available.

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ISolved Time is a good time and attendance tracking system for hourly employees. It has a mobile time clock app that your workers can use to clock in and out, and it integrates with several types of physical time clocks, including rugged, badge and biometric models. The system lacks the ability to track hours for salaried employees and some features cost extra, such as its performance and productivity tracking tools.

iSolved Time Compare Quotes