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Straker Translations Review

PROS / Straker Translations offers excellent customer service through its 20 worldwide locations.

CONS / You may need to edit your translated document to fit the original page.

 VERDICT / Straker offers the same efficient and affordable services through its website or via its downloadable software portal.

Straker Translations is a translation services site with a global reach. The company has over 20 offices around the world, with major production centers in Barcelona, Spain, and Auckland, New Zealand. Ten of these offices are in North America. By having offices all over the world, Straker Translations is able to offer continuous 24/7 services to its business translation customers. Over 5,000 professional translators support Straker Translations.

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Translators offer many areas of specialty, in addition to their language skills. The translation agency is able to use these skills to offer a long list of services, which includes typical document translations, certified translations, multimedia translations, website translations, software localization and desktop publishing. For its broad global offering, its exceptional accreditation, its high quality and inexpensive translations, and its fast turnaround time, Straker Translations earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

  1. A combination of the tested accuracy of the Spanish to English and French to English translations.
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Translation Services

The Straker Translations agency offers exceptionally accurate and inexpensive business translation services. When we started our translation tests, one of our first observations about Straker Translations and its staff was just how quickly and efficiently they operated. Requested quotes arrived in minutes and received a perfect Speed of Quote Percentage score on our review.

Translations were typically returned the same day or within twenty-four hours, which is also one of the fastest turnaround times of all of our top ten services. Speedy turnaround times sometimes equate to poorer translations, but, based on our tests, Straker Translations does not sacrifice quality for speed. In each case, in addition to being returned in a timely fashion, our sample translations from Straker were very close to being 100% accurate. And, as we worked with native speakers on our tests, these language experts also commented on the smooth, native-speaker sounding flow of Straker's translated documents.

Another aspect of the service we found especially impressive was that the agency's quote included working inside almost any modern file format. This is a huge timesaver for your desktop publishing or graphic design department because the entire document does not need to be reformatted or designed every time you decide to have it translated into a new language. If you need to manipulate or make small edits to allow the same information to be featured in the same space, Straker Translations' desktop publishers are also happy to do this for you for a small fee.

To put cost into perspective, each of the requested quotes that Straker Translations sent us was well below the average of our entire lineup and less than half the cost of our most expensive service. This was despite the range of services and the quality of the agency's work being on par with the high end of our top ten reviews.


Straker holds many of the certifications we checked on for this review, including industry-standard certifications like ISO 9001 and EN 15038. In addition, the translation service company offers native-language, and often highly accredited translators. The website itself is a demonstration of the company’s translation abilities. Click a flag in the bar of the page and select your choice of any one of six languages.

Support & Resources

If your work requires translations for many different areas of the world, Straker Translations offers most of its services in 80 different languages. And, like one or two of the other services on our lineup, Straker Translations enables language conversion projects both through a customer portal on the website and through a downloadable translation API (application programming interface) that you build into your website or application. This API allows almost-instant human translation of descriptions of even the fastest moving new goods and services. You can access the same functions using either the website or the dashboard. Given that the dashboard is far faster, the dashboard approach is less expensive and more efficient.

You can find all kinds of customer information on the Straker website, including interesting articles in Straker Translations' informative blog. You'll also find impressive references from customers. And if you need to ask a question, you can get it answered quickly through the translation service's well staffed and informed live chat representatives.


New to our lineup, Straker Translations earns its place as a leader in our top ten lineup for a wealth of options that include promptly attended to document translations, certified translations, multimedia translations, website translations, software localization and desktop publishing. These services are provided by native-speaking translators who live and work around the globe. And, not only does this business translation agency provide these full-service translations in a fast and efficient manner, it does so at exceptionally competitive prices. The company has numerous industry certifications and accreditations that help assure you of the high quality of its reasonably priced translations. In addition, each of our translation tests confirms that this agency's work is exceptionally accurate and local sounding.

Straker Translations Compare Quotes