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How To Murder Your Receipts With OCR Software

As a small business owner, you're likely making purchases every day. With each purchase or bill paid, comes a receipt. If you pay your bills online, keeping track of those receipts is easier: You have

Best Time Clocks Review

Time clocks let an employer know the exact hours an employee is working, and some clocks have the ability to deduct time spent at lunch or on breaks. The higher the number of employees, the more diffi

Best HOA Management Software Review

HOA management software comes in a variety of formats, with features such as membership directories, virtual communities, messaging systems and accounting integrations to manage dues or rents. Choosin

Best HCM Software Solutions Review

To understand the value of this type of software, the first question to answer is, "What is human capital?" The answer is simple: it's talent. In business, your employees serve as a valuable

Best Enterprise Asset Management Software Review

Enterprise asset management (EAM) is a software solution that helps companies manage their physical assets. While it does keep track of where each asset is, it also optimizes design and reminds busine

Best Business to Business Software Review

Business-to-business (B2B) software allows you to automate and streamline your offerings and services, whether for marketing, sales or lead generation, so you can save on time contribution and improve

Top 3 Excel Alternatives

Microsoft has led the way for office software for decades. Its spreadsheet software component, Excel, has been the go-to program for millions of people ever since its introduction in 1985. While it re

Best Word Processing App for the iPad

If you want to write while you are on the move or don’t have a computer, an app downloaded from the iTunes Store can still offer a lot of the same features that you will find with standard word

Best Word Processing App for Android

Many word processing apps for Android are overly basic, offering none of the features that most word processing software typically provides. It makes some sense: mobile devices generally need slimmed

Top Business Plan Services

Business plans are an important tool in an entrepreneur's arsenal. A good plan can mean the difference between impressing investors and securing the funding you need or walking away empty-handed. If y

Net Check In: Reserve Your Spot

Net Check In is a unique client scheduling program that is especially designed for hair salons and other similar personal service providers. Unlike traditional appointment booking calendars that allow

The Survey System

Creative Research Systems, a software company founded in 1982, provides the desktop survey software the Survey System. This company has been providing desktop survey management software for decades. W

Best Contact Managers for Android

The smartphone is not just a phone, it is an internet browser, a personal organizer and much more. Moreover, although like any mobile phone it can store all of your contacts, it is much more than just

Zurmo: Open Source CRM

CRM, or contact management software, is a program designed to keep all your contacts in one place while allowing other individuals in your company access. This helps improve customer service since you

Best Real Estate Contact Management Software

When it comes to choosing the right contact management software, you face many unique challenges. You require secure access to personal client information, such as emails, phone numbers, and notes. Th

How to Get to Work on Time 101

Results from a recent San Francisco State University study revealed that 17 percent of people are chronically late. Most people don't consciously want to arrive late, but their tardiness has become a

10 Tips for Working the Night Shift

Nearly 15 million Americans work the night shift some or all of the time, but it's easy for these workers to feel isolated and alone. There are many challenges associated with working overnight, from

Best Free Contact Management Apps for iPhone

Although the iPhone comes with a built-in app for Contacts, it is rather limiting in what it can do. For instance, you cannot group contacts or email them directly from the app. For companies or indiv

How to Survive Working 12 Hour Shifts

Twelve-hour shifts are a strenuous reality of many jobs. If you're struggling to keep up with this type of schedule or you're trying to prepare for a new workload that includes long days, there are so

Top 10 Most Unbelievable Reasons for Calling in Sick

We’ve all heard the classic excuse for not turning in homework: the dog ate it. In some cases, it was probably true. There are some excuses for calling in sick managers have heard that seem like tall

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