B-Coder barcode label software is a simple application that generates a host of barcodes. With this application, you can generate many of the most common types of barcodes, preview and print them with ease. You can also customize your barcodes, which gives you even more control.

B-Coder can generate one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. One-Dimensional barcodes are more linear and basic barcodes whereas two-dimensional barcodes hold much more data. Among the one-dimensional barcodes available on this application are Code 39, UPC A, UPC E, EAN 8, EAN 13 and Bookland. Popular two-dimensional barcodes this application allows you to create include MSI-Plessey, PDF417, Aztec Code, Data Matrix, QR codes and others.

You can add quiet zones, or white space, around the barcodes to ensure that codes will be read properly. You can add a bearer bar, which is a black rectangle placed around barcodes to enhance their reading reliability. B-Coder lets you add text at the top and bottom of your barcodes and change the font size and color of that text.

In addition, you can control the barcode's dimensions such as the bar height, bar width and even the resolution. When you are ready to print a barcode, you have full preview capabilities and can make any changes necessary. You can also paste the barcode into a different program. You can print the barcodes directly from this software or paste them into another graphics application and print the barcodes onto labels or flyers.

Unfortunately, this barcode maker software does not support multiple languages. It is only available in English, which can be a drawback for some users. It offers a full complement of free support options, including via telephone and email. There are also online FAQs and video tutorials that provide additional assistance with many of this application's features. In addition, this barcode software includes a handy user's guide.

B-Coder barcode label software generates all standard barcodes for you to input into your design software to create barcode labels for shipping and tracking packages and products. This application makes previewing and printing your barcodes simple, and you can customize your barcodes with colors, size and text.