Labeljoy barcode label software is a top-quality barcode creator that lets you easily generate barcodes, print custom labels and import data from external sources. You can make address labels, badges, barcode labels, business cards, CD labels, data-linked labels, envelope labels and more all within this application.

You can create one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes with this barcode label software. One-dimensional barcodes are more linear, while two-dimensional products are like QR codes and can hold more data in a little amount of space. With this application, you can create more than a dozen symbologies. Symbologies are basically the design of the barcode, such as the spacing between bars and characters on the barcode. The symbologies included are EAN-13, EAN-8, Code 11, Code 128, Data Matrix and QR Codes.

However, this application does lack a few barcodes offered by other applications. These include MSI-Plessey, which is used primarily for inventory management; PDF417, which is used in inventory management, transport and for ID cards; and ISSN, used for periodicals.

With Labeljoy, you can fit a page of barcode labels to almost any page size. You can lock and unlock barcode labels to keep them from being changed. This barcode maker prints to Windows-compliant printers and saves barcode labels as images.

Labeljoy supports 18 languages, including English, Bulgarian, Finnish, French, Greek, Polish and others. It also offers 1,500 images in an embedded library. You can use these images in label creation, on badges and on CDs. This barcode software also lets you import images, if you need a specific photo or clip art.

You can alter label orientation, include text, and adjust fonts and text size. You can change the fill color, background color, frame color, text outline color and barcode color. You can adjust the barcode width and add quiet zones.

You can design barcode labels in either U.S. standard measurements or metric. This software does not offer a grid view that can be used to guide the placement of label elements, however.

Labeljoy offers a comprehensive built-in help menu. It outlines the software's framework, page navigation and element settings. It shows you how to manage groups, barcodes, text, graphics and page elements. It has sections about clip art, element positioning, colors, dialog box transparency and many other features.

Additionally, if you can't find what you're looking for in the guide, this barcode creator offers video tutorials and email support. Telephone support is not available.