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Pros / This online business plan program saves finished plans in both PDF and as a Word document.

Cons / It doesn't automatically save your plan as you write it.

 Verdict / While it is missing some important tools, such as autosave and financial importing, BusinessPlanToday is a convenient online business plan-writing program.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

BusinessPlanToday is an online business planning software program. You can log in and work on your business plan from any web-enabled device, including cell phones and tablets. This application is laid out nicely, so it is easy to see which steps you have completed and to toggle between the different sections as you progress through the writing processes.

The biggest drawback we noted while testing this program is that you are required to provide all of the content for your business plan. This is a bit more challenging than programs that have you fill in the blank with your company information then automatically create your plan from a ready-made template. BusinessPlanToday does have help tabs with sample text to help you if some sections are especially challenging.

BusinessPlanToday is one of the online programs we reviewed that has the tools to allow you to create organizational charts. You can preview your plan at any time and import images to help make it more appealing and professional. Once you've completed your business plan, you can save it either as a Word document or as a PDF. These are the two most commonly accepted formats banks and investors use.

There are some key tools that are important in business plan building which are missing from this application. First, any content you type into the program, you must press the Save button before moving on. This program does not have autosave, so all your writing will be lost if you forget to save it. BusinessPlanToday also doesn't allow you to import financial information from your accounting program like the top-ranked solutions do. There are financial tools within the program to help you create this information from scratch.

The software doesn't have a lot of the resources other business plan builders have. For instance, it won't help you find investment opportunities or connect you with an attorney. It does have a good amount of business tips to help guide you through setting up, running and growing your business. These tips, however, are located within the program itself whereas other solutions offer them on their websites so you can access them without having to first purchase their program. BusinessPlanToday does have sample plan so you can see what the finished document looks like.

The company offers a few support options, but we had difficulty accessing some of them. Both the online chat and the FAQs pages listed error messages indicating that those options were not available. However, telephone support and email both are available.


BusinessPlanToday is an online business plan-writing program that makes it easy to create a simple business plan. The program is easy to navigate through, although you have to create the majority of the plan yourself rather than relying on templates. You can import images, though you can't import financial information. Additionally, this program doesn't have autosave. It is an online program that you can access anywhere and with any web-enabled device.

Business Plan Today Visit Site