Pros / This program includes financial calculators and chart generators.

Cons / Though iPlanner.NET offers individual mentor services, you must pay extra for them.

 Verdict / Though it's a simple program, iPlanner.NET includes templates and tools needed to create a variety of business plans, including ones for start-ups as well as growth and marketing plans.

iPlanner.NET is a simple business plan software application that doesn't have a lot of fancy graphics or extra functions. Still, it includes enough document-creation tools to be considered a valuable option in small business plan writing. With iPlanner.NET, you can import financial information from other accounting programs. It also has step-by-step tutorials for each section of the business plan and financial calculators and chart generators to help make financial analysis easy.

This program has industry-specific business plan templates you can use to create your own plan. iPlanner.NET also has templates for different types of plans, including ones for start-ups as well as growth and marketing plans. This means you can use this program for other purposes once you've secured capital, launched your business and have reached the next step in your company's growth.

iPlanner.NET includes financial calculators, budget and feasibility tools, and chart generators to make it easier to include financial information in your business plan. This application includes sample language you can use in your own plan and also provides tips about critical details you don't want to leave out. These tools are convenient, especially if you are hoping to secure funding for your venture.

If you need more personalized assistance, iPlanner.NET has expert mentors available to help you through the writing process and identify potential investors. Unlike the best business-writing programs, iPlanner.NET requires you to pay for this additional service rather than include it as part of the software package.

While iPlanner.NET is simple in design and function, there are times when you may need some technical help. You can browse the user manual online as well as the FAQs. While telephone support isn't available, the company offers email support with a quick response time. We received an answer to our inquiry within one business day. You can also connect with support personnel through iPlanner.NET's Facebook page.

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iPlanner.NET is an application to consider for your small business plan-writing needs, especially if you require industry-specific templates or need additional business plans outside of a start-up plan. The document-creation tools include the important financial calculators and chart generators to help you create the financial section of your plan. Mentor and other professional guidance is available; unfortunately, you are required to pay extra for these services.

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