Pros / Plan Write for Business offers hundreds of examples and automatic 3-D color charts.

Cons / This business planning software application doesn't have real-time collaboration.

 Verdict / The software takes some time to learn, but it includes most of the important creation tools and support resources you'll need for writing your business plan.

While the interface is very basic, Plan Write for Business is still a valuable tool for business plan writing. The navigation tools are easy to locate with each section featuring step-by-step instructions on the information that should be included and why it is important for your business goals. Additionally, this small business plan program includes professional consultants from a variety of industries, including retail, construction, personal services and nonprofit organizations, who are available to give you personalized guidance for your specific business needs.

The specific goals of your company will ultimately determine the type of business plan you need to write. Plan Write has the support options and features to help you create startup, funding, strategic and feasibility plans. This software doesn't support immigration plans, which can be a problem if you have overseas companies or host foreign workers.

This small business plan writer offers several helpful features. It automatically saves your document as you draft each section of your plan. You can choose from hundreds of industry-specific templates, then use the editing tools, including spell check and document preview, to ensure it suits your business purposes. If you are writing a plan that needs to include financial analysis, you can import that information directly from your accounting program or use the financial tools, such as the financial calculators and chart generator, to easily create them from scratch. Plan Write can import images into your plan.

Plan Write goes a step further than just providing impressive document-creation tools. It also includes help in identifying specific investors that may take interest in your project and provide funding. The business-planning program also offers some legal resources to help you determine the type of business you need to establish and other legal issues to look out for, such as obtaining a business license.

If you run into a problem installing or running your Plan Write business plan software, Business Resources Software, the manufacturer, offers both email and telephone support. It also has user guides, FAQs and video tutorials on its website.

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Despite the simplistic look of this business plan software, Plan Write for Business is an impressive tool that includes powerful financial-analysis and document-creation tools. It also provides access to consultants with experience in different industries who can help you through the process of planning and creating your business plan. Even though you can't upload images, such as company logos and product images, into your plan, the finished product still looks professional to potential investors.

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