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The Best Check Writing Software of 2016

Create Your Own Unique Checks
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The Best Check Writing Software of 2016

Our Ranking Check Writing Software
1 VersaCheck
2 Checksoft
3 InstiCheck
4 Goldenseal
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Why Check Writing Software?

Traditional check writing software is quickly going by the wayside with more and more accounting solutions being connected to the cloud rather than installed on your desktop. However, there are still some important uses for check writing, especially if funding is tight for a small or upstart company. Accounts payable, payroll and trips to the local office supply store are all areas that check writing could come in handy. Additionally, check printing software installed locally on your computer is a little more secure since only you and your authorized employees will have access to account numbers, bank logins and personal information.

While check printing software isn't as popular as it once was, there are still a handful of good applications out there. We found quality features and security measures included in VersaCheck, Checksoft and InstiCheck, our top-rated check writing applications. We can also read our helpful articles on check making software.

Check Writing Software: What to Look For

When choosing check writing software, it is important to ensure your financial and other personal information is kept secure. The best check printing software includes password protections and will support MICR lines, print an encrypted code on the bottom of your checks and authorize your bank to release funds to the payee who cashes it. Here are the other points we considered while reviewing check software.

Check Design Features
One aspect of printing your own business checks is being able to design unique checks that reflect your company. While each of the applications we reviewed had clean-looking, generic checks, some included features such as inserting logos or graphics so there is no mistaking your checks. Other solutions also allow you to change the font, delete unneeded text fields and insert printable signatures. One feature we like to see is the ability to print deposit slips.

Bookkeeping Features
Typically, check making software is designed to work in conjunction with accounting software such as QuickBooks or Quicken. The two programs share information with the accounting software utilizing the majority of the bookkeeping functions. However, the best check writing applications include bookkeeping applications, too, that can be used exclusively for your check writing activities, or as a backup to the accounting software. Other applications are standalone programs, so these bookkeeping features are necessary.

One feature we found important while reviewing check printing software was the ability to create and manage multiple bank accounts. This is especially helpful if you need to use your program to manage finances for both the mother company and its branches, for rental companies or for keeping tabs on both business and personal expenses.

Other bookkeeping features to consider are balance calculators, account transfers, income/expense reports and a checkbook register. The best check software includes tax reports and an embedded calculator so you don't have to toggle out of the program, or hunt down your handheld one in order to balance your accounts.

Help & Support
Each of the check writing applications we reviewed was very easy to install and use. We didn't come across any issues with running the software as each was self-explanatory. However, it was nice to know that if questions did come up, there were support options available. All of the developers have email support and a FAQs section online. Several have telephone support, online user guides and embedded helps right within the applications. A couple have tutorials for you to reference, while the best check printing application has user forums available so you can connect with other users.

While check writing needs are more often now being handled by online applications, there are industries that still require the extra security of check printing software installed locally. Our review of the best check printing software shows you a side-by-side comparison of all the design and bookkeeping features so you can choose the program best suited for your business needs.