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Pros / This check writer software can create documents with attached incentive checks.

Cons / You have to buy a MICR printer from the company's manufacturer, Rosetta Technologies.

 Verdict / CheckStream is a good check printing software application for small businesses, although you need to purchase the company's MICR printer.

Rosetta Technologies is a check printing service that provides MICR printers and software. Its CheckStream check writing software works for small business or large enterprises. It can handle basic payroll checks or more complex checks for promotional campaigns. The check printing software is offered in three levels, the biggest difference being the number of users.

You can use this check writer software to write checks from multiple accounts. You can use it to personalize checks or set up prewritten checks for recurring use, such as payroll. If you need blank checks that are branded to your company, you can create those as well.

The check software allows you to use conditional logic to customize your checks, allowing you to set rules that you can implement at the page, job or document level. For example, you can limit the threshold so checks can only be printed for a certain amount range. You can designate accounts and specify conditions when hard copies or PDFs need to be stored for recordkeeping. If you need to go back and search for a check, you can do so.

If your business wants to use incentive checks as a way to draw in new customers or bring previous ones back, then CheckStream can create these, printing them at the bottom of your sales letter.

You can designate user access for specific printers and check forms and set the program to require approval from a supervisor or CFO before releasing a print job.

One of the biggest inconveniences of this check software is that you need to use Rosetta Technologies' MICR printer to print the checks. You cannot use generic print stock for this machine either. Rosetta Technologies provides blank stock, pressure seal stock and IRD paper. Also, it works only for Linux or Windows systems.

The Rosetta Technologies website has a FAQs page but no user manuals. We tried to reach customer support on several occasions, but never got a reply.


If you regularly print checks as part of a promotional campaign as well as for employees, Rosetta Technologies' CheckStream is a versatile software capable of handling both types. You must use the company's MICR printers and its paper or the paper of approved vendors, however.

CheckStream Visit Site