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Cheque Printing Software 6 Review

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PROS / This application can write checks in one of 174 different currencies used throughout the world.

CONS / The check amount is written in an unusual form of English and may not be accepted at some banks.

 VERDICT / If you need an application to write in multiple currencies, this is a great choice; if not, other applications may have more to offer.

Cheque Printing Software is a basic application for printing checks in one style. The application is great for companies or small businesses that require check writing in more than one currency. The check writing software does not offer options allowing users to design their own checks, but offers bookkeeping features that will allow account reconciliation. It is not an application that will fulfill needs for all businesses, but it has options that may prove invaluable for some.

Check Design Features

This application provides the ability for users to write checks in one of 174 different currencies used throughout the world. Cheque Printing Software manages multiple bank accounts in multiple currencies and has the capability to create and organize report data and account or check history. Their interface includes a login screen which keeps unauthorized users out and is password protected.

In addition to password protection, the application offers, check preview and a security system that reduces user error. Cheque Printing Software enables secure, flexible, and cost effective solutions for check writing and printing. The application does not print the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) line that is on the bottom of checks. Banks use the MICR line to verify information on the checks they receive and to process large numbers of checks each day. Banks are able to manually process checks without the magnetic MICR toner line; however, some may require you to purchase MICR toner ink if you will be printing out large quantities of checks. We recommend that you buy check stock with a pre-printed MICR line.

Bookkeeping Features

The application’s graphical user interface (GUI) is visually pleasant and you can easily set up multiple bank accounts. Users can easily follow the icons to perform the functions they are looking for. To write a check we found that all you need to do is enter the currency type, payee name and check amount into the blank data fields and the check is complete. The unusual way the check amount is described may not be accepted by American financial institutions. For example, $75.25 would read “Seventy Five and Cent Twenty Five Only.”

Help & Support

The software can be downloaded from the company website and is relatively hassle-free. Their website is user friendly and guides customers to the application they need depending on their computer. The download is quick and the instructions are easy to understand.


Cheque Printing Software is only worth the price if your company deals with more than one currency. The application stands alone when it comes to currency options, however, the other features that are found in this application can be found in other applications with additional features as well. It is user friendly so if you decide this is the software you need, you should be happy with the results.

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