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Pros / The program links check numbers to specific bank accounts, so you don't write a check from the wrong account.

Cons / This is not a stand-alone check writing application. Instead, it works as a check-printing arm of most Windows accounting programs.

 Verdict / MultiCHAX is a good choice if you have QuickBooks or other Windows accounting programs and need an add-on that can print checks from multiple accounts.

MultiCHAX is check writing software that works with most Windows accounting programs, including QuickBooks, Peachtree and QuickBooks Online.

This check writer software lets you print payables and payroll checks from multiple accounts, complete with MICR encoding. It lets you customize checks with logos and attach electronic signatures. It works with blank check stock or pre-printed checks.

It's compatible with most printers, though you'll need to use MICR toner to print bank-approved checks on laser printers. It has five formats for printing checks, with three checks per sheet: a bottom check, middle check, top check, or z-fold (pressure seal) configurations. It also prints deposit tickets or blank checks if needed.

As checks are completed, the MultiCHAX software updates its database so you have a current record. The file is encrypted and password protected for security. In addition, it links the check number with the bank directly, making it easier to work with multiple bank accounts without worrying about writing checks from the wrong account.

It offers a separate module to work with the Positive Pay program offered by some banks. Positive Pay is an automated fraud-detection tool offered by most banks. It matches the account number, check number and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks previously authorized and issued by the same company in order to spot fraud. To get this module, you'll need to contact sales.

This check writer software works in conjunction with accounting software, so it does not maintain accounting information like some of the other check software solutions do that are on our list. However, it works well with most Windows accounting software, enabling you to print checks securely.

You can get customer support online via telephone, email or live chat. However, the FAQs are sparse. The user guide is very basic – more of a tour – and not easy to find on the website. However, the program itself is pretty basic.


MultiCHAX is a good choice for anyone looking for a check writing software as an add-on for QuickBooks, PeachTree or other Windows accounting software. It integrates with these programs to print account-specific checks in attractive formats.

MultiCHAX Premium Visit Site