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Quicken 2010 Starter Edition Simple Money Management Review

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PROS / This application provides a great selection of features for personal financial management.

CONS / Quicken doesn't provide features necessary for small business bookkeeping.

 VERDICT / Overall, this is an excellent program that will deliver the features it promises.

Don’t settle for generic check graphics from the bank or wait for your checks to arrive in the mail. To customize and print your checks from home, TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award winner Quicken Starter Edition offers great options for check writing software with basic home accounting needs. Helping to make accounting efficient and simple so that you can spend your time doing more important things, Quicken combines bookkeeping features with check writing software to create this user-friendly application.

Check Design Features

Quicken Starter Edition has an exceptional graphical user interface (GUI), which is password protected. Writing and printing checks are included as features of the application. You can design checks with a standard, wallet, or voucher template, along with changing font styles and adding a personalized logo. Quicken Starter Edition doesn’t include a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) font to print the MICR line, but you can purchase check stock with pre–printed MICR lines from Intuit’s website.

You can write checks from multiple bank accounts, include data from other software programs, record your checks in a checkbook register, preview your checks before they’re printed and order check supplies through a link to Intuit’s website. Some of the bookkeeping features include setting up recurring payments such as rent, utilities, insurance, etc., transferring funds between bank accounts, printing a check history, searching for specific checks, setting up payee accounts, and printing deposit slips, expense, income and tax reports.

Bookkeeping Features

Quicken Starter Edition is easy to use; it has a full menu toolbar, menu icons and a navigating window to switch between the three main sections of the application. New to the 2010 version is the homepage which places your most important financial information all in one place, so you can view your standings quickly and easily. A wizard will walk you through writing checks and some of the more complicated bookkeeping features. To write checks, simply click on the check fields from a full color check graphic and enter text.

A detailed help menu lists help topics based contextually on where you are in the application. For example, if you choose to write checks, the listed topics may include “adding a logo, deleting a check, printing a check,” etc.

Help & Support

You can order Quicken Starter Edition through the mail for a manual installation or download it from Intuit’s website. Check stock and an inkjet or laser printer are required to print checks. We found that in a matter of moments, after backing up data on a USB stick, Quicken 2003 (Windows XP) files could be converted to Quicken 2010 (Windows 7). Quicken Simple Start will not import files from Quicken Deluxe or higher. For some of the features, like budgeting, a manual setup is required. In order to create a budget we had to customize the tool bar and add budget to it in order to utilize this basic feature.

Quicken Starter Edition works on Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP/Vista/7. There is also a separate version for Macs.


The new Quicken Starter Edition is a home bookkeeping application which includes writing checks as a feature. The bookkeeping is very limited and basic but will perform the simple functions it promises. If you’re in the market for basic check writing software combined with bookkeeping features at a great price, this application is perfect for you.

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