Pros / You can print other forms, such as 1099s or invoices, with this software.

Cons / It's not compatible with Mac operating systems.

 Verdict / SecureCheck 8 provides secure software with multiple, built-in anti-fraud measures.

SecureCheck 8 is a secure check writing software application that works for single or multiple accounts. It has extensive auditing and automation features. It works with Windows and many brands of printers but is not compatible with Mac operating systems.

This check writer software emphasizes security. It not only requires approval before a batch of checks is printed, but it also enables the check writer or the approving authority to review individual checks and flag them so they are not printed with the batch. It also sends out alerts for activities in the software, such as printing a run of checks or printing checks that exceed a certain amount. Like most check writing programs, it offers an event log and auditing capabilities.

The checks themselves can be printed with extra features, including watermarks that have the person's name and the check amount, preventing someone from doctoring the check as well as from copying it. It also has reverse and microfonts to print the check amount on a second place on the check. SecureCheck 8 recommends starting with a completely blank stock. It can customize the checks for you so you do not need to purchase pre-printed check stock.

It offers multiple automation features, including signature logic, check imaging, sorting, directing to specific printers, and recording and tracking check events. The check printing software can work with multiple users or accounts. It allows you to sort checks by number, payee, date or more for easy searching or reporting.

In addition to check printing, you can use the software for other financial documents, from 1099s to invoices.

The website only offers FAQs, although you can access the user guide once you own the software. Unfortunately, we were unable to contact customer support despite multiple attempts.

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SecureCheck 8 check writing software has multiple ways to ensure the security of your check printing process, from password-protected users, approval permissions down to the check level, incident alerts, and special features on the checks themselves, like personalized watermarks. It's a good choice, though the support staff was unresponsive. It only works for Windows systems, however.

SecureCheck 8 Visit Site

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