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VersaCheck X1 Gold Review

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PROS / With the VersaCheck mobile app, you can write a check and prepare it for printing no matter where you are.

CONS / VersaCheck X1 Gold doesn't link with tax applications or online tax preparation programs.

 VERDICT / This product is secure and easy to use for bookkeeping and check printing. It is the best check printing software available.

VersaCheck X1 Gold is a one-stop application that allows you to customize, personalize and digitize checks. It is the best check printing software available and the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner. The application excels in features and ease of use compared to the competition. It has a proactive approach to counterfeit prevention, real-time deposit alerts, money management tools and much more.

Check Design Features

VersaCheck X1 includes a plethora of check writing and design features plus easy-to-use small business and personal bookkeeping features. Even if you never use the bookkeeping features, the software is still worth considering, especially since it is the only application we reviewed that has mobile capabilities. This means you can create, sign, account and prepare checks for printing from your smartphone or tablet.

With the check writing features in this application, you can personalize and protect your checks. VersaCheck's DNA logo goes on each check so the payee is encouraged to verify the account's ownership, and a reverse printing technique is used to make the checks very difficult to reproduce.

This check writing software allows you to personalize every aspect of your personal and business checks, including font styles, logos and shapes. You can choose from over 300 handcrafted images as you customize existing templates or make your own check from scratch.

VersaCheck's point-and-click interface allows you to follow on-screen instructions, enter information, choose and insert graphics, and print or email checks. We found the process to be quite easy, and it required only a moment to accomplish the tasks we set out to complete. You can also print checks on any paper you want.

For check writing and printing, the application is equipped with a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) line that is printed on the bottom of checks. Banks use the MICR line to verify information on the checks they receive and to process large numbers of checks each day. Banks are able to manually process checks without the MICR toner line; however, some may require you to use it if you will be printing out large quantities of checks. You should check with your bank before printing so you can avoid any problems. To be safe, we recommend printing the entire check with MICR toner. This will ensure that your checks are accepted by any financial institution and any additional costs are minimal compared to manual check processing or check rejection fees.

Bookkeeping Features

Another helpful feature in this program is its built-in Positive Pay support. This feature allows you to associate your checking account numbers with individual transactions. When you're dealing with a transaction that doesn't come up on your reports, there's the possibility that you have become a victim of fraud.

VersaCheck easily imports existing check, payee and account data from other places – QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree, Excel and more. The software recognizes .qif, .csv, .txt, .iif, .xml and .qbw formats. You can also export data to create reports in Word, Excel, Access and more. You can track who you pay along with their contact information and pay history. Transactions can be organized or sorted by payee, date, check number or transaction type. The only drawback we found to this application was that it didn’t provide tax reports or link to tax preparation programs.

The home bookkeeping features from VersaCheck allow you to view or print reports that include information on cash flow, checking transactions and account balances. The application will also generate full color graphs for net worth, income and expenses.

The application allows you to send, approve and receive checks via email to avoid the hassle of postage. One of the unique features in VersaCheck X1 Gold's package is the ability to accept check payments online, by fax or over the phone. This feature is very simple to use, and it helps small businesses avoid credit card fees. With the activation of a merchant account, you can even use the software to take credit card payments by phone, fax or email.

Writing a check is very simple. A graphic of a check is shown on the computer screen with account information like your name and address and your bank’s name and address automatically entered in the proper fields. The payee, date, amount, memo and reference fields are left blank; simply click on each field and enter text.

To make ordering check supplies easy, there is a direct link within VersaCheck to order MICR toner and check stock.

Help & Support

VersaCheck.com has a helpful FAQs section. You can download a user guide or locate the guide in VersaCheck X1's help menu where you can also search for specific help topics. Technical support can be reached by email from VersaCheck's website. We contacted customer support representatives regarding installation and small business bookkeeping features and waited less than five minutes before we reached a representative. The representative was very helpful and answered every one of our questions with very little wait time. His knowledge of the software was very impressive and we knew that we were in good hands.


VersaCheck X1 Gold check software offers dozens of check templates and hundreds of handcrafted images and graphics to help you personalize your checks. The application is extremely easy to use and installation is a breeze. It has, by far, the best features we have seen in check writing software and offers a vast selection of accounting features as well. This application will not disappoint you with its features and ease of use.