Editor's note: The developer has informed us that a new version of Hippo CMMS has been released.

Hippo CMMS sets itself apart from the pack by delivering a very user-friendly experience designed not only for maintenance technicians, but also for the employees and administrators who work with them. It is a powerful CMMS system that is adaptable to a wide range of industries, particularly manufacturing, hospitality, health care, property management, education, retail and not-for-profit.

You can use Hippo CMMS to streamline operations at your facility. The software tracks all on-demand maintenance requests that come in, and it helps your staff to create and manage scheduled operations such as preventative maintenance, seasonal updates and other scheduled routine operations as needed.

Hippo CMMS has 11 main modules. There are modules for everyday work order management, preventative maintenance management and scheduled routine maintenance and inspections. You can develop daily schedules for staff and monitor progress throughout the day, week or season to make sure workflow is ideal.

There is also a series of modules to help you manage inventory, assets and your ongoing relationships with vendors. With Hippo CMMS you can keep track of the inventory you have on hand and quickly call up information on vendors when new parts are needed. There is also a fleet management module that is designed specifically for companies that manage fleets.

This system has a reporting module that enables you to create a wide range of reports based on every aspect of the software and a customizable dashboard that lets registered users arrange information, from work orders to data, however it makes the most sense to them.

One additional module that Hippo CMMS offers is CAD Mapping and Floor Plan Integration, which can be a helpful asset for building and facilities managers, and those involved in operations and sales. The sales aspect comes into play with facilities such as apartment buildings, or other commercial property, for example.

This CMMS also features a mobile application, which can be a very welcome – or even necessary – feature for companies that have large facilities, or that require 24-hour management.

Hippo CMMS also offers services from its staff, so if you need ongoing support or help with tasks such as audits, data migration, scheduling, training or tech support, you will have easy access to it.

Hippo CMMS is a relatively young company, so if you manage a huge facility or global operation, you may want to scrutinize the software carefully and ask for a client reference from a company similar to yours. However, Hippo CMMS’s mobile capability and thorough CMMS feature set are well worth considering, particularly for small to mid-sized companies that need a CMMS that offers ongoing support and service.