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Infusionsoft Complete Compare Quotes

Pros / You can create and manage email campaigns through the software.

Cons / This program is a little difficult to navigate.

 Verdict / Infusionsoft offers some strong contact management features, plus sales and marketing tools. It is one of the few that also includes eCommerce solutions, although some users may find it difficult to use.

Infusionsoft’s contact management system is a professional services automation solution whose basis is a powerful CRM program. The Complete plan, which is what we evaluated, includes eCommerce, marketing and sales programs. This plan also allows you track 10,000 contacts; if you choose a higher or lower plan, that number changes. Infusionsoft can take more time and effort to learn than most contact managers, so you are required to enroll in a training program when you start.

The contact manager section includes client portals with tools to note how committed each client is. It can easily record every contact interaction, and you can use this data to create reports, including timelines, sales activities and even number of visits to your website. Custom data fields are available, so you can include the information that is important to your business rather than trying to manipulate preset fields, which can become confusing.

You can share contact files so that your employees have the most important information, such as a copy of the terms of service or a specific complaint resolution. Invoicing is part of the program as well. This software does not offer native dialing capabilities, but you can get them through one of its many integrations.

You can create campaigns using a drag-and-drop interface and save them as templates. The campaign builder can monitor your contacts’ behaviors and alert you to emails or take some other action based on the triggers you set. In addition, it builds landing pages for your website to help you collect leads.

Sales automation features let you create and share custom quotes from the app, and allow clients to accept quotes and convert quotes into orders for clients to pay online. You can also use sales pipeline management so that your sales staff never forgets to follow up on a lead.

eCommerce tools are especially helpful for online stores and visitor-interactive company websites. This program, with a little help from your IT department, can grab contact information from your website and automatically create and save it in a contact account.

While Infusionsoft has all these helpful features and tools, it isn't the most intuitive program in our review. It requires an initial training program for a one-time fee to help you learn the program, so count on this additional cost and time. Infusionsoft does have embedded help links within the program, including a walk-through feature that guides you through the project you're trying to accomplish. It also has video tutorials that are easy to follow and understand.


Infusionsoft is strong contact management software with marketing features and sales and eCommerce tools. Bear in mind that you have to purchase an initial training program, and while this is a good idea because the program has a steeper learning curve, it's an additional expense to account for.

Infusionsoft Complete Compare Quotes