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Pros / Salesforce has an intuitive design that makes it easy to use and navigate on both desktop and mobile devices.

Cons / You need additional modules to handle invoicing, inventory or employee contacts.

 Verdict / Salesforce is one of the best contact managers because it has an intuitive design that’s super-easy to use and all the needed contact management features for customer service, sales and marketing.

Like its name implies, Salesforce is focused on making software that helps you get sales, from lead generation to closing the sale and inspiring customer loyalty. SalesforceIQ Cloud is its customer relationship management cloud and contains excellent contact management tools for desktop and mobile that work especially well for your sales personnel, making it easy for them to contact clients, keep notes, discuss issues with co-workers, and even assign tasks in order to go from contact to sale to satisfied customer. Salesforce's design makes it some of the best contact management software we reviewed and our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner.

Salesforce CRM Compare Quotes

Contact Management

Salesforce’s contact management software is nicely designed to make it easy to use. You can customize information and templates for the contacts, allowing you to best see the information that would help your company. The mobile app from Salesforce is good for providing contact information to your employees outside of the office. Salesforce keeps a history of the information you entered about each contact, which is accessible from the app. You can also input new contact information to Salesforce from your tablet or smartphone using the app.

Salesforce has tools that allow support personnel in your company to also access contact information. This works well to track customer complaints, contact payment history or support tickets. The customer management software's filters let you display information based on name, department, project or sales campaign.

Importing contact information into Salesforce from other programs, including Excel and Outlook, is simple. From within Salesforce, you can dial clients, email responses, or even send out mass emails informing clients about upcoming events or press releases. Salesforce keeps track of emails that bounce back and accounts that have multiple contacts to keep your client list up to date. Salesforce can also sync to other email clients like Gmail so that those communications can be saved and shared with Salesforce.

Salesforce offers multiple products, called clouds, which conduct different functions. They come at an extra cost. However, if you need some lighter tasks or want to connect it to your existing business software, you can get integrations. The app exchange offers integrations with programs covering sales, human resources, IT and administration, finance, and more. Some of these apps are mobile only.

Additional Management

Salesforce excels at helping you convert contacts into sales and marketing opportunities. The software lets you store information about each contact in filterable categories, so you can group similar contacts together. This is ideal for targeted marketing campaigns or targeted sales. (You can do mass emailing with the Business plan.) Salesforce allows you to assign specific contacts or groups to your employees and to flag specific contacts for follow-up.

SalesforceIQ can generate reports on activity, leads, sales, best practices and call centers with a few clicks of a button. You can choose which reports are public, which remain private and which can be shared with only a select group of individuals.

Salesforce’s chat tool connects employees so they can pass along information and strategize about contacts. You can even assign tasks to others through the chat, such as to follow up on a customer complaint or track down information a potential new customer is interested in. You may create groups for your employees where they can post questions, upload information or search out information in the contact libraries.

The Salesforce contact management program itself does not include features for inventory or employee management. If you need inventory or employee features, you will have to purchase and integrate other Salesforce products or check the integrations to see if they offer what you need.

Help & Support

Since this is a cloud-based contact manager, you receive software updates automatically. This makes support easier than it is with other installed contact management systems where you must perform the software updates on individual office servers and computers.

Salesforce has prompts that you can click on to receive tips for entering information into fields and connecting them to various tasks and users. A hidden sidebar expands as you roll over with common topics and walk-throughs, including video tutorials and illustrated instructions. The company also offers live training. For individual help, Salesforce has email, telephone and live chat support available.


Salesforce has the easiest-to-use interface, an excellent contact management system, and some of the most advanced sales and marketing strategies among the client management software we reviewed. Even though its contact manager lacks invoicing and inventory features, this is software you should consider, particularly if you are interested in turning contacts into sales.

Salesforce CRM Compare Quotes