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The Best CRM Software for Mac of 2017

Keep Your Clients Close and Your Pipeline Clear

The Best CRM Software for Mac of 2017
Our Ranking CRM for Mac
1 Salesforce
2 NetSuite CRM
3 Elements CRM
4 Daylite
5 Maximizer CRM
6 Zoho CRM
7 SugarCRM
8 Studiometry
9 Contactizer Pro
10 SOHO Organizer

CRM for Mac Review

Why Mac Contact Management Software?

The top performers in our review are Salesforce, the Gold Award winner; NetSuite CRM, the Silver Award winner; and Elements CRM, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing a system to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of 10 systems.

Rather than having your customers' contact information scatter between spreadsheets, departments and applications, CRM software brings it all into a centralized location that is accessible by everyone in the office. This not only reduces the amount of paper clutter but also increases the positive customer service interactions. While most contact management software is created to work with PCs, there are a handful of great solutions that also work with Mac systems, such as Maximizer CRM. These systems are typically cloud based so that you access with your web browser. There are several CRM solutions designed exclusively for Mac laptops and computers, such as Daylight and Studiometry.

One solution that can be deployed on either a PC or Mac system is Zoho CRM. However, while testing this product on both systems we found that it works substantially better on Mac devices, which it is why it has found a place on our CRM for Mac review.

There are several business card scanners that will connect directly with Salesforce and other CRM solutions. CamCard is a mobile app that you can download to your cell phone. Once you snap a picture of a business card, the app will pull the contact information from the image and convert it into a format that will then be exported into the CRM your business uses. This makes collecting and saving important lead, vendor and client information easy, especially if you are continually meeting contact away from your office.

Contact relations management software should include email integration, so you can send and receive email from the program, and customer interaction tracking, so you can see at a glance who has helped your clients and how well issues were taken care of. Dialing capabilities are a plus, though in order to deploy this function, you will need to purchase additional equipment that is compatible with that particular CRM.

CRM software can be a standalone solution, but those we included in our lineup include additional tools and functions that create a power business suite. These Mac CRM systems include tools for sales and marketing, eliminating the need for additional software solutions and bringing more transparency into your office. Employee tracking features help hold workers responsible for keeping track of their contacts and tasks, and decrease the number of missed opportunities to optimize customer interactions. If you decide that a standalone solution more in line with your company's needs, use the questionnaire at the top of this page and we'll help pair you with a solution that fits with your needs. You can also check out the buying guide at Business News Daily to discover additional solutions for microbusinesses.

If you do elect to have several different business solutions, consider pairing your CRM with a project management system or a workforce management system.

What We Tested, What We Found

We tested dozens of CRM software, though only the best made it onto our top ten list. While testing these systems on our Mac computers and devices, we looked at how well the program was designed and laid out. We paid special attention to where function links and tabs were located and how clearly they were marked. Those programs that required us to click through multiple links in order to complete the functions received a lower score than those that let us get it done quickly.

We also assessed how intuitive the software was to setup and start using without needing to consult with the user guide or contacting customer support. Some of the programs included helps embedded within the system that gave us quick guidance, which was helpful and reflected positively in the rankings. CRM solutions that scored higher also reduced the amount of text within a since viewing window, reducing the amount of information we needed to wade through in order to get a specific task done and clearing the application of unnecessary clutter.

During our review process, we were able to speak with professionals from a variety of industries to learn which tools they specifically need in a CRM solution, then looked for these features while testing. Some of these included real-time sharing, which allows multiple users to access, edit and add notes in a client's account simultaneously. Document management capabilities, that let you upload and save important files in the client portals, were also very important for several industries, including medical, legal, finance, real estate and insurance.

One feature we looked for as part of the employee tracking and support tools was an extensive knowledge base designed specifically to help workers know and understand company policies and procedures that relate to customer relationships and interactions. We looked at how easy it is for administrators to organize this information in a way that makes sense to employees, and also how easy it is for employees to find and access this important information. Tracking performance works better when employees are able to have easy access to company expectations.

Our Verdict and Recommendations

Mac CRM software should help you keep all of your contact information organized and secure while making it easy to keep track of when anyone in your organization reaches out to your clients or potential leads. All of the solutions we reviewed do this and more. These programs also include applications for sales, marketing and employee tracking, helping to eliminate the need for more software while helping your company become transparent and more efficient in fulfilling client needs and reaching sales goals.

Several of the CRM programs we reviewed work on both PC and Mac devices, including Salesforce and Sugar CRM. This is helpful if you have employees that utilize both in your office. If you need something that has been specifically designed for your Mac computers and laptops, consider Elements CRM and Daylight.

Our CRM for Mac review makes it easy to see which solutions have those tools your business specifically needs. For additional information and guidance in choosing a system for your company, consider these additional articles on Mac CRM solutions.