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Elements CRM 3.0 Review

PROS / Elements CRM includes a dashboard specifically for IT departments.

CONS / Live chat isn't available for connecting with support personnel.

 VERDICT / Elements increases efficiency by bringing customer relations, sales, IT support and many other department activities into one simple CRM solution.

Many CRM applications focus on either cloud-based solutions or on-premise software. Elements CRM has both, so you can choose the one that's best for your business. With the right server configuration, you can also use the Elements mobile app to access client information while away from your office. This contact management software is made exclusively for Mac. Because Ntractive specializes in Apple software, Elements is one of the best CRM for Mac applications and our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner.

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Contact Management

Elements CRM includes an address book that is divided into several folders. This means you can group contacts together by contact information, business accounts, personal contacts and more. This helps you locate clients quickly based on specific criteria, or groups for a targeted marketing campaign. You can tag clients to be grouped based on IT problems so you can track if there is a reoccurring issue your company needs to address.

This is the only Mac CRM that has a dashboard exclusively designed for your IT department. This means they have access to specific tools that let them support your customers and guide them through issues with products. The notes and files used by IT are still posted and available to access by other departments, including sales, accounting and customer services. Other specialty dashboards are available for these other departments, too.

You have the option to import contact information from other programs into Elements. This information will automatically be sorted and filed into specified groups or accounts. You can also upload documents, such as service agreements or purchase quotes, and attach them to individual clients or customer groups. This gives you a way to file and organize every customer interaction so nothing important slips through the cracks. It also gives more transparency to every department and user in your company pipeline.

Elements has an email interface, so you can send and receive messages from within the application. It also includes a dialer, which means you don't have to toggle in and out of various programs while speaking with customers.

Sales & Marketing

Rather than creating separate sales and marketing programs, Ntractive has packed these tools into Elements. These advanced functions make it easy to track orders, collaborate with sales teams, forecast a campaign's success and record progress.

Elements has included a Finance tab where you can keep track of your company's assets and cash flow. You can also generate reports to show investors and employees your company's goals and the paths to reach them. Some of the reports you can generate include tax reports, breakout reports and consolidated 30/60/90 reports.

Employee Tracking

Another level of management that Elements provides is employee tracking. Tools include group calendars to assign tasks and track employee performance. The software also lets you generate employee-specific reports, such as open projects, competed projects, time management and more.

Because you can upload documents into this CRM software, you can create a unique knowledgebase for you employees to access. You can include incentives for high performance, or company policies and sales procedures. Since Elements doesn't cap how many users you can have, every employee can have easy access to this important information.

Ease of Use

Elements CRM has a clean interface that is easy to navigate. Each tab is marked by a bright icon, so it's easy to determine where you need to go to keep tabs on your client interactions. The multiple view windows let you see important information in a variety of ways, or different information at the same time that may be relevant to the project you are working on.

Help & Support

Installing this software is quite simple. There are prompts each step of the way to ensure everything is running perfectly the first time you use it. There are help icons embedded within Elements to give you quick guidance while you are working. If you need to connect with Ntractive directly for help, you can send an email or call. There are online tutorials and a FAQs section that you can search through, and you can connect with support personnel and other Elements CRM users on the Ntractive Facebook page. There isn't a live chat feature available, though.


Elements CRM consolidates customer relations, sales information, employee tracking, marketing campaigns and IT support into one interface. This eliminates the need to purchase and maintain several business programs, saving your company money and boosting productivity by creating a transparent workflow. The software has mobile solutions and lets you choose between on-premise and cloud-based software.

Elements CRM 3.0 Get Quote