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Pros / This CRM is the easiest to use among the 10 systems we tested.

Cons / It can take a while to receive a response from customer support.

 Verdict / Salesforce offers a CRM solution for Mac users that is as simple or complex as you need it to be, with several built-in features and the option to add plug-ins or third-party integrations to make it a complete package.

Salesforce wrote the book on customer relationship management (CRM) software, which is why it makes sense that it's the leader in CRM software for Mac. The cloud-based program lets you access your client information on any computer or mobile device, including your iPad or iPhone. This also means if you are somewhere with only PC access, you will still be able to get the information you need.

Salesforce goes beyond simple contact management: it offers project management, tools for sales campaigns, reporting functions, employee-tracking features and forecasting. These are just a few of the features that distinguish Salesforce as the best CRM for Mac and the winner of the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Contact Management

What CRM does is in its name: customer relationship management. It helps you nurture your relationships with clients to better serve them, whether it's as a sales executive, a customer support representative or in another capacity. On the contact management side of things, each person on a team can import their contacts' information so everyone in the company can access it in a centralized location.

Salesforce doesn't limit the number of contacts you can have in your database, so it grows as your company and its contacts expand. You also get unlimited storage space, which means you won't run out of room for quotes, client lists, documents or files. Salesforce offers data sharing in real time, which means more than one person can access a customer's information and make changes or additions.

One of the biggest timesavers in Salesforce is workflow automation, which gives you the ability to automate work processes. For example, as a manager, you can set up automatic task assignments as a project moves through a timeline. You don't have to manually assign tasks that you already know will be assigned to a particular person or team.

Salesforce includes the option of computer telephony integration (CTI), which means your sales team, customer and tech support representatives can take and make calls through the interface. It also means those calls can be logged, which is helpful for training purposes, compliance and to refer to a conversation for information later.

Whether you're a sales, customer or IT rep, you need to keep notes about client interactions for your own reference and for others throughout your company. Case management is necessary to track the process from the moment of contact to the point of sale, or resolution. It keeps everyone on the same page.

Sales & Marketing

Generally, Salesforce was created for the sales side of business. When we tested this CRM, we assessed how easy it is to navigate the platform from the moment we logged in. A CRM solution for Mac users should be intuitive and Salesforce gets it. There aren't too many text fields, nor images and text that clutter the pages. Salesforce has pull-down bars and help tabs with prompts to guide you through using your CRM for Mac software, but they aren't overly prominent or distracting.

While several CRM software applications have sales and marketing features available as an upgrade, the best Mac CRM, including Salesforce, incorporates these functions at no extra charge. With Salesforce, you can collaborate with all teams and departments to discover the best strategies for each of your sales goals. You can generate leads, receive reminders to follow up with those leads and track competitors.

Using Salesforce to generate reports that track sales and customer interactions can help you forecast sales projections to ensure you and your team are on track. Since Salesforce integrates with your email program, you can use this CRM software to create email marketing campaigns and execute them from within Salesforce. This means you don't have to jump between programs and can literally see and do everything to keep your company on track from within Salesforce.

Product Management

If you're operating an online store and you have a physical product inventory, you need to track those items. Most businesses get separate software for that purpose, but it may not be necessary if you use Salesforce. You can manage inventory with this CRM, and you can track transactions. You can even set up services as products and treat them the same way as you create invoices for clients.

Employee Tracking

As important as the sales process is, tracking your employees' success is just as vital. Because Salesforce has so many ways to track sales and client interactions, it also doubles as a great tool to track employee performance. Each time a member of your team talks to or helps a client, Salesforce records it. When a task is assigned through Salesforce, you have the option to be notified when it is completed and see the quality of the work done.

Salesforce has tools to help your employees learn and train to be the best employees for your organization. You can create your own social network within Salesforce, including support groups where employees can ask and answer questions in a forum-type setting. A group calendar can be added so everyone can see what each employee is working on and celebrate together when a task is completed.

You can upload user guides and other training material files into Salesforce. This knowledgebase is a great way to keep employees informed of company goals, sales achievements or policy changes.

Help & Support

It's always easier to reach a representative of Salesforce by phone, email and live chat if you're a potential customer, but if you're already a customer, a response may come later than you want. We had difficulty contacting Salesforce. We had to follow up several times before getting an answer. Odds are you won't need support often, though, because Salesforce has several embedded helps, including how-to videos, which we found to be very helpful as we reviewed and tested this CRM software.


Salesforce is a complete package for any business that needs contact management, case and project management, and tracking and reporting tools. The apps and integrations you can add into the mix makes Salesforce even more powerful. Aside from the slow responses from customer support, our tests showed that Salesforce, the original CRM software, is still the top contender among its competition.

Salesforce Lightning Professional Compare Quotes

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