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Pros / It includes an internal chat program.

Cons / It requires 10 users minimum.

 Verdict / SugarCRM is a cloud-based solution for a medium to large business with Mac users who need contact and sales management. It offers a straightforward approach to building and maintaining a large contact list.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

SugarCRM is a versatile customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Because it's a cloud-based application, it can work for your company's PC and Mac users. This also means that users have access to the centralized contact list wherever they are – whether they're at their desk or on their mobile device. Although the per-user cost is lower than the top-rated CRM software, SugarCRM requires you sign up with at least 10 users, so this may not be the best option for smaller businesses.

The contact management tools in this program rival the best CRM software for Macs. SugarCRM includes email integration, so you can access and send emails from your email address from within the CRM program. You also get helpful workflow automation, which lets you assign tasks, clients or projects to employees based on criteria you set in preferences. This Mac CRM is missing a native dialer, but you can use third-party integrations to set something up.

In addition to some of the best customer relation features, SugarCRM also includes sales and marketing tools to help you generate and send sales quotes, collaborate on sales strategies and create marketing campaigns. Email marketing campaigns can be set up with sales automation, which is helpful so you don't run into restrictions on the number of emails you can send through your email client.

The same tools within this CRM software for Macs that let you record customer interactions and track sales orders can also be used to review employee performance. Tasks can be assigned to individual employees or departments involved with a specific project, and then monitored to ensure they are completed accurately and on time.

One function that is included with SugarCRM is the ability to create a social network in the CRM for employees. This is a great tool for creating a knowledgebase, crafting individual employee profiles, and encouraging open communication and creative sharing.

SugarCRM can be easy to operate and navigate, but it is more complicated than other CRM software we tested. It's worth it to sign up for live training, because employees who are confident in what they're doing are more likely to use the software. If you need help using your CRM application, you can browse the online tutorials and FAQs online, or connect with support personnel through phone, email or social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.


Although SugarCRM is more complicated to set up than other CRM software we tested, it's a solid system that can help your employees stay connected to customers and each other. It's missing a few features, such as a dialer for incoming and outgoing phone calls, but it offers integrations to make up for what's lacking.

SugarCRM Professional Compare Quotes