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Infusionsoft Complete Review

PROS / The eCommerce tool tracks visitors on your website and automatically inserts contact information into the CRM.

CONS / The program isn't as intuitive as other solutions on our CRM review.

 VERDICT / Infusionsoft CRM is part of a personal services automation (PSA) that also includes tools for creating sales campaigns, forecasting and project tracking.

Infusionsoft is a personal services automation solution that encompasses programs ranging from content management software to sales and marketing to eCommerce, allowing you to manage every aspect of your business and track each project as it moves through the pipeline. Compared to the best CRM software, this program is a little difficult to navigate through, but you receive personalized training and continued support to ensure you are comfortable with each aspect of your solution.

The contact fields include tags that allow you to see at a glance if the contact is a hot lead, a dead lead or may need some additional persuasion. As each user or department interacts with the customer, the phone calls, emails and website visits can be recorded under the client account. This information is valuable in determining sales strategies and marketing campaigns to help grow your bottom line.

The document-management tools let you upload, attach and file important documents to each client file, and the file-sharing features allow multiple employees and departments to have access to those files while they are interacting with the client. This cuts down on repeated attempts to help solve a problem or continual follow-up communication that may have already occurred, both issues that often contribute to customer dissatisfaction.

The campaign-builder tools feature a drag-and-drop function that lets you decide each step of the sales process, choose the icon that best represents them and snap them onto the campaign grid. As the administrator, you can decide which departments are assigned and have access to each part of the campaign as well as use the interactive calendar to assign due dates and keep track of employee performance. The campaign builder is also a good way to visually see how each department interacts with each other to help create a positive experience for your customers, an important function of customer management software.

The best contact manager programs we reviewed include the ability to connect to your company website, snatch visitor information and automatically input it into the CRM. Infusionsoft is no exception, including eCommerce tools that additionally help track internet sales, manage inventory and track affiliate interactions. You get to choose how much website interaction is automatic or more personalized from within the CRM settings.

At first Infusionsoft isn't the easiest to navigate through with a lot of extra link clicks to get to where you need to. Each purchase, however, comes with a four-week personalized training session where a coach will walk you through setting up your program, importing data, creating a campaign and tracking your progress. If you need help after this initial training, consulting services are available; however, you may have to pay extra for these services.


Infusionsoft is a handy contact management software that connects your customer service teams and tracks interactions with sales, marketing and eCommerce. While it takes a little work to get the hang of using the program, the features and tools are valuable when interacting with your clients.