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Infusionsoft Complete Review

PROS / This software lets you manage and send email campaigns.

CONS / It can be hard to navigate this program.

 VERDICT / Although Infusionsoft may be somewhat difficult to navigate, it has good marketing, sales, eCommerce and contact management tools.

For our review, we evaluated Infusionsoft’s Complete plan for its CRM software. This plan comes with sales and marketing tools, as well as eCommerce features, which is a nice plus that we didn’t see with many other CRM programs. You can track 10,000 contacts with Infusionsoft Complete, which is a healthy number for a small, growing business. If you need more or fewer contacts, you can select different plans, which include different features and storage capabilities. While Infusionsoft offers some great tools, some users may find it difficult to use. Because it is more difficult to navigate, the company requires you to enroll in and pay for an initial training program when you first purchase the software.

Infusionsoft comes with strong contact management tools, including client portals that allow you to record client interactions and figure out how warm each lead is. You can use data in the program to create custom reports, which might include ones on sales activities, the number of visitors and respective visits to your website, and timelines. You can choose what information is most important to your business so you can see the data most pertinent to you and your goals.

Your employees can upload and share files like terms of service or complaint resolutions with each other, keeping everyone in the loop on each contact. You can also create and send invoices from inside the program. However, you cannot dial the customer from within the program, though this is available through third-party integrations.

The custom campaign builder lets you design campaigns with a drag-and-drop interface and save various templates. You can send campaigns to groups based on triggers, or actions, by each customer or customer group, and you can monitor your customers’ behavior in regards to your website, emails and purchase history. Infusionsoft also helps you build landing pages, which can increase the leads you collect.

The sales automation features in this CRM program include tools that allow you to create, share, accept and convert sales quotes. You can also take advantage of the sales pipeline, which ensures that your sales team remembers to follow up with leads.

Infusionsoft is one of the few CRM systems that includes eCommerce tools, which are especially helpful if you run an online store. The software collects customer information from your website and saves it in a contact account for you. This automated process can save your marketing team a great deal of time.

While this software offers a good number of features and tools, it scored lower in our review because it is more difficult to use than most other programs. In fact, because of the inevitable learning curve, Infusionsoft requires that you purchase and interact with a training program when you first buy and use the software. The additional cost and time may be inconvenient. After the training course, you’re not left to figure out the software on your own; embedded help links are available throughout the program, including walk-through features and video tutorials.


Infusionsoft offers quality CRM software that includes sales and marketing, contact management, and eCommerce functions. However, it is more difficult to use than other products in our CRM software review, and you have to spend time and money on an initial training program to learn how to navigate the software.