Maximizer CRM Compare Quotes

Pros / It has a customizable contact screen that can help you organize your customer information in a way that’s best for your company.

Cons / There are no employee management features in this software.

 Verdict / Though it lacks some features included in the best CRM software, Maximizer CRM is still a good option, with its clear navigation and integration possibilities.

Maximizer CRM has a simple, intuitive interface and some helpful customization options. You can select the deployment type that's best for your business, as this company offers both a cloud-based SaaS version and an on-premise option. Maximizer also has some excellent marketing and sales tools that can help you manage networking opportunities with your contacts, but no built-in employee management tools.

This versatile CRM software integrates with the Microsoft Office suite, so you can import and export information to programs like Outlook, Excel or Word easily. With this software, your staff can record notes on their interactions with your contacts. They can share these notes and other information or files in real time, which makes collaboration across departments easier. Dialing capabilities are built in to the system as well, so you can call a customer directly from the program.

You can use Maximizer to create marketing campaigns and manage leads. You can also synchronize calendars, assign tasks to employees and use the program to help you provide high-quality customer service. Keeping track of your clients’ customer journeys is easy with this software as well.

When you integrate your email client or email marketing software, like MailChimp, to Maximizer, you can design and send targeted email campaigns through the CRM system. You can also generate reports to track the success of these campaigns and see if they have helped generate any revenue for your business.

While Maximizer offers excellent sales and management tools, it lacks other features that we found in the best CRM programs. For example, Maximizer CRM does not offer inventory, invoicing or employee management features. These tools are not strictly necessary for CRM software, but some businesses may find it convenient to have these features available all in one product. However, integrations are available so that you can still complete many of these tasks in one place.

You can find helpful tips on using this software on Maximizer’s user-friendly website. It has online tutorials, videos and articles to help you navigate the program. Our testers were especially impressed by the variety of video tutorials available on the website. You can also reach out to live support representatives via telephone or email.


Maximizer CRM is easy-to-use CRM software that’s highly customizable, which can help you communicate with your contacts effectively. Its marketing and sales features are some of the best that we reviewed, though this program doesn’t offer inventory or employee management. However, you can take advantage of the thorough analytics and reporting it provides.

Maximizer CRM Compare Quotes