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NetSuite Review

PROS / NetSuite has an eCommerce option that will track visitor information on your company's website and automatically import the data into the CRM software.

CONS / It doesn't have live chat support, nor does it have a social CRM application.

 VERDICT / NetSuite has extensive CRM tools that are helpful for growing your business.

NetSuite CRM is part of the ERP business solution from NetSuite, though it can be purchased as a standalone application. The NetSuite CRM software is a clean business application that is easy to use and incorporates some of the most popular and most useful CRM tools for interacting with customers, tracking leads and managing email marketing. It is also the only CRM software we reviewed that has an eCommerce application that connects your CRM to your website to track client activity and organize that information into reports and forecasts that you can use to grow your business. For all of these reasons, NetSuite CRM is the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner for CRM solutions.

Contact Management

NetSuite has every CRM tool we looked for. You can see each contact's role within a company, problems they have encountered with your products or services, which employees have assisted them and if they are repeat customers. Each customer portal highlights client interactions in a convenient timeline and allows you to authorize individual employees or departments to access client contact information and history.

This CRM solution lets you email individual customers or send mass emails from the customer relationship management application. This means you can also generate an invoice and immediately send it via email without needing to open your email program in a separate window. It also has dialing capabilities, which means with a compatible phone system and a click of a link, you can call a client from within NetSuite.

With this software, you can import contact information from many different programs, including an Excel spreadsheet. You can easily upload all of your email contacts and other information stored in an old CRM program into NetSuite where it will be converted, formatted and saved automatically.

Since this application is cloud based, you can access client information from any computer, laptop or mobile device. This solution can also be accessed and used on Mac computers and devices.

Sales & Marketing

Using the eCommerce add-on, you can track client activity on your company website. NetSuite tracks potential clients that visit your site and imports their information into the software. If you have information fields on your website, this information is captured and filed in your CRM. Even if you don't capture personal client information, the software tracks the cyber paths each visitor takes on your site, each link they click and the pages they view. This information is sent to your sales team to be used for future marketing campaigns, lead generation and sales forecasts.

Since NetSuite CRM is part of the ERP business application, it comes with all the tools you need to track sales activity, create marketing campaigns, send sales receipts, monitor inventory and generate leads. The application makes it possible to automate sales and track your competition. All of these are invaluable tools that can help you grow your bottom line.

Employee Tracking

Since everyone in your organization is connected to the customer relationship management software, you can track each employee's workflow, task-completion ratio and progress reports. The group calendar is a great place for everyone to keep track of their to-do lists and show off their accomplishments when they are completed.

 While there are plenty of helps and walk-throughs that each user can access for help in using the CRM software, you have the option of creating your own knowledgebase specifically geared toward your employees and organization. You can create links to articles or upload documents that give encouragement as well as outline company policies and procedures.

Ease of Use

NetSuite CRM is very user friendly. The program is clean and easy to navigate with clearly marked tabs located at the top of the interface. The text fields are clearly marked with useful prompts in case you get a little overwhelmed with all the data you are entering.

Sometimes a lot of white space can make a program look like something is missing, but NetSuite uses extra space in its interface wisely with help tabs and customizable window views so you can see all information regarding a client or employee from several different angles. The interface also doesn’t have any distracting clutter.

Help & Support

NetSuite's customer support is great. The staff is very helpful and goes above and beyond to ensure that they answer all of your questions. The company answers emails within 24 hours and wait times on the telephone aren't too long. NetSuite has included a FAQs section and online tutorials on its website and within the CRM software to answer basic and complex questions.


NetSuite CRM connects you with all of your clients and employees, even those located in other countries. The eCommerce application allows you to track customer activity on your website and automatically saves it into your CRM solution. The cloud-based program keeps your data secure on NetSuite's server, which you can access from any computer or mobile device, so you will always be connected to your clients, even if you are not at your desk.