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OnContact Review

PROS / This application’s split-screen view allows you to view multiple windows at a time.

CONS / You are given a limited amount of data storage, unless you want to pay extra.

 VERDICT / OnContact provides unique features and tools, a user-friendly design, and great help and support options.

OnContact is the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner for customer relations management software and one of the only companies that offers both a cloud-based and on-premise solution. The software gives your company the ability to connect departments together by linking customer information between everyone. This information is also accessible on the go with the OnContact CRM mobile app. With a large number of features and tools, this CRM solution is built to help enhance your customer experience by creating transparency and increasing accuracy throughout the project pipeline.

Contact Management

OnContact has all the tools you need to organize your client contact information. With real-time sharing, every authorized employee and department can have access to important customer data. This brings everyone from customer service personnel to IT support to sales teams onto the same page, so your clients get the best service your company has to offer. Providing simultaneous access and creating transparencies help eliminate frustrating repeat calls from customers and decrease the likelihood of customer support projects falling through the cracks.

Other tools included with the software are email integration that lets you create and send email campaigns from within the program and dialing capabilities. This allows you to call out to clients while keeping their customer portal open to quickly and accurately take notes and access their important information.

The only difference between the customer relation tools offered by OnContact and the best CRM solution is the storage space available. OnContact allows 2GB of data for the first user and an additional 2GB for the next five. This may be enough storage for your small business needs. However, if you have a lot of clients, 2GB will fill up quickly. OnContact does allow you to purchase additional space while several other CRM software companies include unlimited data storage as part their CRM packages.

Sales & Marketing

All CRM software solutions include basic tools for filing and organizing client information. Not all solutions include sales and marketing features, but OnContact does. With this CRM software, you can collaborate sales strategies, create email marketing campaigns and track product orders. With the many reports that can be generated within OnContact, you can easily forecast the future of your company, create sales quotes and generate strong leads. Since everyone in your organization can be granted access to information within OnContact, it will be easier to see where clients are on the sales timeline so you can offer products and services based on their individual needs.

Employee Tracking

Because of the real-time access and workflow automation features of OnContact, you can use this CRM software to track your employees' performance, too. You can see which support personnel or sales managers have interacted with clients and how effective they were at connecting and establishing a relationship. With the group calendar and task manager, you can see the progress of each member of your team and if they are on target.

 OnContact includes the option of creating a knowledgebase, including uploading and sharing files. This library allows you to include tips and hints to help your employees better understand and execute company policies and procedures.

Ease of Use

This CRM solution has a clean, simple design that is easy to navigate. The upper screen tabs and side bar folders make it easy to search for and get to the information you need. The interface has split-screen view options so you can see important information from a variety of folders at once. You can customize these panels to show as much or as little information as you would like. OnContact also includes several helps within the program so you don't have to close out or minimize the view windows in order to look for an answer to your questions. The software also uses dropdown menus that we found to be helpful and functional.

Help & Support

If you need help setting up or running this CRM software, you have a lot of support options available. OnContact has both email and telephone support available. You can also connect with customer support personnel using the live chat feature on the company website. There are several online video tutorials that show you step-by-step instructions on using your CRM software. There is also a decent section of FAQs, though most are basic function and feature questions.


OnContact is an impressive CRM solution with a simple, functional design. Its unique navigation relies on drop-down menus, which provide a number of options in each of the available feature categories. We appreciated having the opportunity to choose which categories were shown at any given time, allowing us to personalize the CRM software and use it in a way that proved most effective and efficient for us. Through our research, we found OnContact to have the design and the abilities that most users want in a customer relationship management system, and recommend it as a good choice for CRM software.