Pros / You can view a large amount of data at once with the split-screen view.

Cons / You can only get hold of customer support during typical U.S. business hours.

 Verdict / With its unique features and tools, good support, and solid program design, OnContact ranks as the best CRM software in our review.

OnContact is our top choice for CRM software for small businesses. It has a comprehensive feature set, including tools to maintain existing contacts and collect new ones, communicate and share information between departments and all members of staff, and track information for marketing and sales. This software has employee and inventory management features as well as a mobile app, making it easy for you to access information from various devices. All of these features make OnContact our recipient of the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

Contact Management

This CRM software, which can be purchased as a SaaS cloud-based option or an on-premise system, includes real-time file sharing. This is a common feature in the best CRM software. With this tool, you can authorize teams, divisions or individual departments of your business to access specific contact information. Multiple staff members can view and comment on customer profiles in real time, including recording conversations and other interactions. You can also set up a sales pipeline so that your entire team knows where each contact is in the sales process. Using invoicing capabilities, you can even bill customers from the system.

You can create, send, and track targeted email and newsletter campaigns from within OnContact. It has the ability to integrate with several third-party email programs. OnContact also integrates with Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks, and other accounting and invoice software.

OnContact has several other features, including a dial-out tool, which lets you make calls from the program and take thorough notes from each interaction. You and your employees can also take OnContact on the road with its mobile application.

Even with all of its features, OnContact is easy to use, and our testers found navigating inside the program intuitive. Sidebar folders and upper-screen tabs make data easily accessible, and a split-screen view offers plenty of options to help you see the most important data on your customers quickly and easily. The software also has dropdown menus organized to help you find specific tools. The natural intuitiveness of the software can help you feel confident that your employees can give your contacts consistent, top-notch service, even if they weren’t the ones who made contact originally.

Additional Management

In addition to contact management, OnContact has many marketing and sales tools to help your business. These tools include the collaboration of product tracking and sales strategies. A unique feature OnContact offers allows you to create landing pages for your website that integrates with the CRM software, which allows you to easily capture leads and score them. This lead-scoring capability lets you concentrate on the contacts who are more likely to become customers, rather than spread your efforts over contacts who are less ready to buy. OnContact also has reports that can help you forecast your company’s future and create sales quotes.

Since everyone in your company can have access to this software, it’s easy to share information to help you take advantage of partnership and sales opportunities. You can also create workflow paths so that everyone on your staff can see what nurturing each lead needs and what team should work on each contact.

OnContact has tools for evaluating and tracking employees as well. This software’s unique workflow automation features and real-time updates make it easier for you to keep track of who your employees interact with, what they do during each communication, how they schedule meetings with potential leads and other important data. You can also use the group calendar to monitor your teams’ progress.

Help & Support

Should you ever run into problems while setting up or running this small business CRM software, you can reach out to OnContact’s customer support. A representative can be reached via email or telephone for more extensive questions. Live chat is also available in case you only need a little guidance. You can peruse online video tutorials that include step-by-step instructions or read through the FAQs page on the company’s website.

If you need to reach out to OnContact’s support team, you should be aware that company agents are only available during standard business hours, meaning Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST. If you’re not in that time zone or your company operates during different hours, this may become an issue.

Learning how to use new software can be an intimidating task. Thankfully, OnContact offers free online training courses. You can also take advantage of professional services, including guidance that covers data imports, customization, upgrades and an ops review, which helps you see if you’re using OnContact to its fullest potential for your business.


OnContact offers an intuitive and effective design to help you manage your contact information. This software includes an easy-to-use interface and split screens that allow you to see pertinent information easily, and since the view is customizable, you can arrange tools in the way that works best for you. This software also includes features that can help you with marketing, sales, inventory tracking and employee monitoring. Overall, OnContact is the best customer relationship management software available on the market and earns the top spot in our review with its easy-to-use, all-in-one program.

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