Pros / The customization options in this software are excellent.

Cons / Any third-party integrations cost extra to set up.

 Verdict / SalesNexus is an excellent CRM option for businesses with tight budgets because of its full range of features at a manageable price.

For CRM software that fits with a tight budget, we recommend SalesNexus. Even though it’s not the flat-out cheapest option in our review, it has one of the best values because of its many features for contact management and other extras that can help you with marketing and sales. It can also help you monitor and track your employees. Because of its value, ease of use and variety of features, SalesNexus earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

Contact Management

Keeping track of interactions with contacts is easy with SalesNexus. This CRM solution has contact portals that track orders, project progress and every interaction with the customer. All of the contact information is shared in real time, so all the departments in your company can work together on a client without missing important information.

SalesNexus is easy to use and has an intuitive design. The contact screens are simple to navigate, and all of the most important information is quickly viewable and readable. To get the most out of your software, you can customize the data fields to show the information you need in an accessible and clear way. This customer relationship management system also has fairly simple command tabs, and its dropdown menus are intuitive as well.

If you can’t find everything you need in SalesNexus, you can integrate with popular third-party software like QuickBooks, Vista, Sage 50 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. API capabilities are available as well. Keep in mind that if you want to integrate with third-party programs, you’ll have to pay additional costs for setup so the programs run together smoothly.

Additional Management

You want each interaction your customers have with your staff to be positive, and for that reason, it’s important that you have the ability to monitor your employees so that you can be sure contacts are being treated well. SalesNexus provides employee monitoring features in addition to contact management to help you provide the best customer service possible. You can also use this software to see who has what tasks assigned to them and when those tasks are being completed. To help your employees do their best, SalesNexus gives you the option of creating articles, FAQs pages and other guides for your employees.

SalesNexus has powerful sales and marketing tools, including lead generation features. You can set up email marketing campaigns with this software and manage documents like invoices and contracts, which you can send from within the software. With the appropriate third-party integrations, you can also use SalesNexus to manage inventory.

If you or your employees are frequently away from your desks, you might find the SalesNexus mobile app helpful. You can access this CRM program from smartphones or tablets or even overseas, which is especially helpful if you have international offices.

Help & Support

Several video tutorials are available to guide you through some of the more common problems SalesNexus customers run into with this CRM system. You can also reach out to support representatives through email and telephone. Some one-on-one consultations may cost extra.


In addition to strong contact management features, SalesNexus provides excellent marketing and sales tools. As a cloud-based program, SalesNexus provides mobility to your teams, including international staff, and updates in real time so that various departments in your business can work together seamlessly. The library of in-depth video tutorials offers assistance with many problems you may face as you learn the software. For all these strengths, SalesNexus is one of the top choices in our CRM review.

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