Pros / Integrations and add-ons with many popular third-party business systems are available.

Cons / SugarCRM does not have built-in invoicing or inventory tools.

 Verdict / This highly customizable CRM system has strong marketing and customer service tools. However, it doesn’t have all the features we looked for.

SugarCRM’s customizable CRM software has powerful marketing and sales tools. This popular program is cloud-based, meaning that you can access it from any machine with an internet browser, so you’re not limited to using the software in the office on your company’s network. Its integrations with third-party software make it a good choice for startup businesses, because it allows you to grow as you require more features from more business systems, like accounting software or online conference software. However, there are no inventory or invoicing features, which might be inconvenient for companies looking for all-in-one software.

SugarCRM is likely to have an integration available for any type of program your business will need as it grows. One such integration is with email clients. These integration capabilities let you send and receive emails inside SugarCRM.

Setting up your database in SugarCRM is easy because it allows you to import contact data from email accounts or other existing files. You can use customer portals to store and record client timelines and notes on interactions between your staff and your company’s contacts. This software also lets you upload documents like invoices and user agreements. After the documents are uploaded, you can attach them to client profiles. All file sharing happens in real time, allowing you to share information with every pertinent member of your staff at once so that no one has to wonder what’s going on with a client.

You can interact with your contacts on Twitter from SugarCRM, which is a function most CRM systems don't offer. An especially helpful tool for call center businesses is the dialing capability, which lets you call customers from inside the software. You’ll have to use third-party integrations for inventory or invoicing tools, however.

SugarCRM offers excellent marketing and sales features. You can use this CRM solution to help with tracking orders and generating sales quotes. Collaborating with your sales team is also simpler with this software. You have access to insights on your customers, like trends, that can help you improve service according to the client’s actions. In-depth reports allow you to create targeted marketing campaigns with forecasting.

A major benefit to SugarCRM is that it is highly customizable, particularly with its integrations. It has third-party integrations available for QuickBooks, Cisco WebEx, Sage, Microsoft Office, and several other popular and useful business programs. This software also provides a mobile app, which can integrate with other iOS and Android apps.

While SugarCRM isn’t the easiest program to use in our CRM comparison, its website does offer tutorials, a knowledgebase and user manuals to help you navigate the software. You can also reach out to SugarCRM’s support team via email and telephone.


SugarCRM has strong customer management tools with its contact portals and ability to record interactions. This program is one of the most customizable in our review thanks to its third-party integrations and database of apps you can add to the system. While it doesn’t have all the features that some of the products in our comparison do, it is suitable for all sizes and types of business, and it's an especially good choice for small businesses.

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