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TeamWox Review

PROS / You can bill your clients directly from the software.

CONS / There are no inventory tools available in this program.

 VERDICT / While TeamWox has tools for communication and collaboration with various departments in your company, it lacks some marketing and inventory features.

TeamWox’s easy-to-use CRM software handles customer management, team collaboration and service desk tasking. It has a comprehensive feature set that allows you to use it for more than simple contact management purposes. However, it does lack some marketing and sales tools.

The features in this software are designed to help you better track your interactions with your contacts and clients. Entering contact information is easy with the importing tools. For example, you can import contacts from a different email program so that your employees can access all contacts from a central location. You can limit who sees what information by using permissions, which give employees access to only the tools they need. Your employees can use the information they have access to for emailing or calling contacts with this program, and then record their interactions in notes or by uploading documents.

Using this CRM solution, you can create and track invoices, which means that you can easily bill customers from the system. You can also record products, but you cannot keep inventory here. However, you can integrate with third-party programs for this and other tasks.

Some sales and marketing tools are available, but you can’t use them to create things like email campaigns. However, the software does have an email client similar in function to Gmail and Outlook that you can use to receive or send messages through the software. You can use this client to pass the email on to another employee and assign it to them as a task. This can be helpful for organizing customer complaints or questions and making sure they’re addressed. When the employee you assign the email to replies to the customer, you’ll receive an automatic copy of the response so you know what’s happening in each conversation.

This software offers strong employee management tools in its HR module. The module lets you take and keep notes on collaboration and teamwork, as well as track individual employee information and files.

While this software is easy to figure out and use, its interface isn’t as up to date or sleek as other CRM programs we reviewed. The program is neatly labeled, but the overall user experience isn’t quite up to par with those of other systems.

If you run into problems with this customer relationship management software, you can peruse the extensive but easy-to-understand online guides or take advantage of TeamWox’s training course, which is presented as a PDF guide to the software. You can also reach out to support representatives directly via live chat. Phone numbers are available on the company website, but none are for areas in the United States.


TeamWox’s CRM software has excellent tools for invoicing, customer management and HR purposes. However, while it has some sales and marketing tools, few inventory management options are available. This downloadable program is overall easy to use, but its user experience might leave something to be desired with its outdated design.