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Workbooks.com Business Review

PROS / Your employees can collaborate simultaneously with real-time sharing capabilities.

CONS / This software is difficult to figure out at first, as its design differs from most CRM systems.

 VERDICT / Workbooks.com is versatile and reliable CRM software with various integrations with popular third-party software, but the interface may take some time to adjust to and learn.

When you first start using Workbooks.com’s CRM software, you may find it a bit confusing, since it is designed to look like the Windows startup screen, which is unique for this type of software. When the software opens, you need to click the start button, then navigate the menus and submenus to find and open the feature you need in the program. Tabs are easy to find, but overall, this software’s design is not intuitive. However, Workbooks.com offers dozens of possible integrations with popular and useful third-party systems, which makes it highly adaptable.

This software might be difficult to navigate, but it has the necessary tools for the best CRM software, including customer portals, document management, case management and interaction records. You can allow more than one department or user to access different contact information, and information is shared in real time so that multiple people can collaborate on customer accounts. An especially helpful feature of Workbooks.com is its ability to integrate with social media, which lets you interact with clients wherever they prefer.

This CRM program offers multiple integrations with important systems like Basecamp, GoToMeeting, HubSpot, QuickBooks and Outlook. This is an excellent feature for a growing company or a business with these programs already in place.

Workbooks.com has marketing and sales tools, including a sales-quote generator, invoice creator and email marketing feature. You can also take advantage of lead generation, forecasting and marketing automation tools. You can track the success of your competitors, which is not a common feature in our review of CRM systems. This can give you an edge in your market.

This CRM software can generate helpful reports, such as vendor and purchase reports. You can also take advantage of employee and management features. This program does not have inventory tools, however, and it doesn’t offer integrations with any third-party inventory software at the time of this review.

If you struggle to learn Workbooks.com’s software, you can take advantage of the support resources available by contacting the company through email or phone. You can also reach out via live chat, though the hours this is available may be inconvenient, since this company is located in the U.K. and therefore has different business hours from businesses in the United States.


While it takes some time to get used to this program’s interface, Workbooks.com is still a versatile and useful CRM application. The software is dependable and includes all of the essential tools we looked for in our CRM comparison. It also has a variety of marketing and sales tools and integrates with several third-party programs to support your growing business.