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Workbooks.com Business Review

PROS / This program has powerful sales and marketing tools to help support the contact management features.

CONS / Workbooks.com isn't the most intuitive program we reviewed, making the initial learning curve a little more difficult.

 VERDICT / Workbooks.com connects support and sales teams from around the globe, giving them access to the tools necessary to create a positive customer service experience.

Though an overseas company, Workbooks.com has a lot of support available in the U.S. Workbooks.com is a contact management system based in the United Kingdom, which means this program is easy to use by your employees in the United States and in your international offices.

Workbooks.com includes the necessary CRM tools for managing client interactions. These include customer account portals, contact timelines with detailed employee interactions and workflow automation that instantly creates follow-up projects based on the parameters you set. This customer relations program has file sharing, which allows multiple employees to have access to client information, and real-time sharing that allows users to collaborate simultaneously. 

This program has all the sales and marketing features that we looked for while reviewing CRM software. Because Workbooks.com integrates with your email program, you can create sales quotes and invoices, and send them from within the program. You can set alerts for follow-ups and track the progress of your leads. Email marketing campaigns can be created and sent out with this program, and the forecasting tools help you analyze your potential profit. Additionally, you can generate reports based on the information you send and save to determine your business's strengths and weaknesses and to adjust your marketing strategies based on that information.

Workbooks.com has several online video tutorials, live chat support and an active support community to help answer any questions you may have. These are all important since the program, while clean, isn't the most intuitive to work with. This program is designed to work much like the Windows start page with a start button and expanding menu that sometimes feels too cumbersome to work through. Tools and features sometimes are a few links deep and not under the obvious subheadings. We found the help and support tool invaluable as we learned to navigate and work though the Workbooks.com CRM.


While it take a little bit to learn to navigate the program, Workbooks.com CRM solution includes powerful customer relation and marketing tools to help you create a comfortable and positive customer-interaction experience. The file-sharing and real-time features allow multiple users to access contact files and simultaneously add, edit and create projects within the client portals.