Pros / It includes several software integrations by default.

Cons / It has fewer online support resources. There's no FAQs or live chat.

 Verdict / MediaValet has an attractive and easy-to-use interface. It includes several software integrations that can be helpful for collaboration and quick editing of assets.

MediaValet is media asset management software that has an easy-to-use interface, advanced search options and helpful features to keep your assets up to date, easily accessible and sharable. You get several software integrations for free, but some may cost extra. MediaValet has some helpful resources, but there are fewer support options than some of the best digital asset management software we reviewed.

This DAM software is solely hosted online, so your assets are stored in the cloud, which means they're always accessible no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. The interface is clean and modern, and it's easy to spot what you need from the tabs at the top or the menu on the left side.

Upon your initial setup, MediaValet's team creates the interface for you, so it can be branded with your logo and color scheme. Although MediaValet doesn't restrict the number of users, there are other limitations with the system.

Most digital asset management solutions cap your storage limit based on a subscription level. So, if your company's assets likely won't hit 1TB, you can remain in a lower and less-expensive tier. If you need more space, your subscription is bumped up to the next level, and so on. Ultimately, there is no storage cap.

With MediaValet, the size of files you can upload is limited to 200GB. It's a generous limit, but a limit nonetheless. MediaValet can work with you if you anticipate the need to upload single files larger than that, but it's unlikely.

You can apply metadata with each upload, which makes it simple to find the file you need when you run a search through MediaValet. As you choose the category for each item you upload, keywords are automatically generated, which is a timesaver.

Sharing those assets is easy, too, and MediaValet lets you send password-protected links to external recipients, which keeps your assets in the right hands. You can also share assets directly from MediaValet to your social media networks through Hootsuite. Other software integrations included are Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Cloud and Drupal. If there are others your company needs, you may have to pay more to get the plug-ins.

Setting up the software for users is easy, and administrators benefit from several timesaving features MediaValet included. For example, as you're performing one task or another, you can stop to approve an asset or two and then go back to the Browse tab and MediaValet saves your spot. You don't have to remember what you were searching for, it's still in your last-used tab.

In spite of the lack of FAQs and live chat support, MediaValet offers a helpful user guide with step-by-step visuals. On the right side of the software, there are tips and tricks to help you master the program. You also get unlimited training and support, so as a subscriber, you get access to more answers.

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Above all, MediaValet makes it easy to categorize, organize and find the assets you need. It excels as a digital asset manager, but it may be difficult to find the answers you seek before you become a subscriber.

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