Pros / The dashboard gives you quick access to the upload wizard and recent activity.

Cons / This application doesn't come with task management tools.

 Verdict / Widen Collective is easy to use and includes an intuitive interface that puts the most-used features at the forefront of the program. Although it improves workflow for your entire team, it does not offer task- or time-management features.

Widen Collective is digital asset management software that caters to the various ways people work. The most common tasks are at your fingertips on the dashboard of this DAM software, so you can easily upload files, see the most recent activity and access help files. Finding the assets you need is easy with Widen's advanced search tool, and you can easily manage those assets down to versions, digital rights and apply expirations. For these reasons and more, Widen earns the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Management Features

Successful digital asset management solutions are incredibly easy to use because the end users are your employees and clients. Widen offers an intuitive interface that is familiar to all computer users because every menu is similar to that of most operating systems' directories.

Regardless of how your employees prefer to work, Widen has a short learning curve. You can drag and drop files to upload them to the program or you can use the uploading wizard, which walks you through the process of browsing and then uploading files.

As with most media asset management applications, you have no cap on the size of files you can upload at once. This is helpful if you produce large files, like 4K videos – though they generally don't exceed a couple hundred gigabytes.

Widen can convert large files into smaller formats when you download them, which means you store fewer versions of files. However, with Widen, you have an unlimited amount of storage space, so it's not an issue if you store several large assets. Then again, as your business grows and your need for cloud storage increases, you may need to pay for a higher tier of service and storage.

Widen lets you choose how your users and clients see the software. You can brand Widen with your own logo and color scheme, which is important, because it's simply another opportunity to market your brand. You can also include branding and logo rules for your employees. These guidelines are like a wiki for your users so you always have consistency throughout departments.

Another important feature of the best digital asset management software is its allowance of third-party software integration. So many companies use a variety of programs to organize contacts and content, and tools for publishing. Widen easily incorporates software such as WordPress, Dropbox, Salesforce and Zapier. The open API lets your developers add other software integrations as well.

One of the most common features of DAM software is the search function. Your employees need to find and access files quickly and easily. Widen lets you apply category or taxonomy filters and search by filename, creation date, keywords and metadata. The metadata lets you add information to your files that may not already exist in obvious fields.

Sharing & Collaboration

Widen improves a team's workflow by allowing your administrators to control access levels. Your admins can set an infinite number of permissions so you have tiers of access. On top of that, those who upload assets to your DAM system can set a release date, which is another way of locking or unlocking a file. You can also set expiration dates, so assets can only be used for a certain amount of time, after which, those files are archived.

Commenting is an important feature that allows users and clients to add their opinion on assets, which is needed during a review and approval process. Along with email notifications, you can create a simple form of task management. Widen doesn't include any other form of task- or time-management tools, so you may need to find third-party software to streamline workflow.

Widen lets you control versions, which means your users and clients can see older versions of assets versus finalized versions. You can also see details of each version, and versions cannot be deleted.

You can study a variety of information about your assets through Widen's reporting feature. For example, you can analyze which files are accessed most often, which files are most often shared and which locations are viewing embedded assets. Widen lets users with the proper permissions share approved assets directly from the software to social media sites, which is a timesaver.


The best digital asset management software makes it easy for your digital asset manager and administrators to install the system and integrate it with other software for a smoother workflow. Setting permissions and adding new users in Widen is as easy as checking and clicking boxes. Widen includes several software integrations, but if one isn't on its list that your company uses often, you have to use the open API to add the software you need. You can also include copyright information and digital watermarks within each asset so you know your files are protected.

As with any software that stores files and allows user and client access online, encryption is necessary. Widen protects your assets and information that's transferred from the cloud to your computer and back again with various measures, including secure socket layers. Because Widen is web-based, you can access it from your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device as long as you have an internet connection.

Help & Support

Anytime you need help with Widen, you can find an answer through Widen's many support avenues. You can contact customer support through an email, live chat on Widen's website or by phone.

There are FAQs and plenty of resources on Widen's website so you can find answers on your own. Your company also gets training from Widen, but if you need someone to come to your business to show your team the ropes, it costs extra.


Widen is an easy-to-use digital asset management system with plenty of ways for your employees to add, access and edit assets. The software integration helps make the workflow smoother, but Widen doesn't include its own task-management tools, so you may have to create your own system or find third-party software to create a review and approval process that's easier.

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