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DocPoint Professional 14 Review

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PROS / You can back up your documents in one simple step with DocPoint.

CONS / The software’s look and feel are dated and clunky.

 VERDICT / DocPoint Professional helps organize your documents and workflow expertly, but there is no mobile component and the interface is drab.

DocPoint Professional document management software offers functionality beyond trading paper files for electronic ones. This software helps you organize your digital and scanned paper files, tracks various versions of your documents, and manages your employees’ workflow. You are also able to set your interface language to Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian or English.

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As you save changes to your files, the program creates a new file while maintaining the old one to give you full version control. This document management system also has a fast and unique back up system. Two windows appear and you simply drag your folder from one window to another. DocPoint integrations include the key Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Excel. This document control software also integrates with your email program and gives you a tracked and backed up contact organizer. If you need to create a new file, you can build it from a template. DocPoint allows you to choose the program you want to use, which means you can insert the metadata before you've actually worked on the document.

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The software does have a few drawbacks. It is slow to install and requires additional software, like .NET and Sequel Server, in place before it will operate. It also has no mobile capability, so if you want a document on your phone, you have to email it to yourself. While its functionality is very up to date, its user interface is rather drab and dated.

DocPoint Professional comes with a detailed and helpful user guide. If you need more help, the company's website offers both a FAQs section and a series of video tutorials. Customer support representatives are available through email if you cannot find an answer to your questions. 


DocPoint Professional offers a strong set of tools to organize and manage a paperless office. Once you get past the clumsy interface and start learning how to use the program, DocPoint gives you some excellent resources for importing, scanning and organizing your business files. In addition, workflow controls and program integrations make it easy for you to create and keep track of all of your company’s important deadlines and projects.

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