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Dokmee Professional Review

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PROS / This easy-to-use interface can be implemented in multiple languages.

CONS / Dokmee Professional lacks version control tools.

 VERDICT / Dokmee’s Professional level document management software offers robust storage tools integrated into your office software. However, some vital tools are still missing.

Dokmee document management software can save you time and energy by providing a wide range of document imaging and tracking tools to help get your important electronic files organized. Dokmee offers many desktop and web configurations, all priced differently. For this review, we considered Dokmee Professional document management software.

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While this is one of the most expensive applications we looked at, the software can be installed on a network and serve multiple users. The program integrates with your office software, email programs, scanners and mobile devices. Despite being one of the easiest to use and most functional storage and organization tools we reviewed, Dokmee Professional lacks important file workflow and version control tools, which help move projects at a faster pace and ensure you are working from the latest document version. Some of these missing features are available in other versions of the Dokmee document management system.

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When you start Dokmee Professional for the first time, you are presented with a list of options, each of which is designed to make the program better fit your needs. You can, for instance, opt to have the application in any one of many languages. You start by importing an existing library or building a new filing system inside the program. This document management program works with most scanners, and you can also import files from your word processor and email programs. You can even sync your mobile device with the software to store and access files on the go.

As you can with most document management software, Dokmee allows you to add metadata, tags and other sorting information to every file you scan or import into Dokmee Professional. This makes your documents easier to access at a later time. If you lose track of an important contract, you can search by the metadata or by any words that are part of the full text of the document. You can do the same as you put together new documents, and in no time, your business can be completely paperless.

You can convert any file to a PDF, which gives your documents and receipts a standard format. You can then merge or split these PDF files with the click of a button.

If you run into any problems, you have several ways to solve them. The manufacturer, OfficeGemini, offers good support tools on the Dokmee website. Representatives are available by email, phone and live chat, and a large FAQs section offers a wealth of additional information. There is also a good Help menu inside Dokmee Professional itself.


Dokmee Professional is very efficient and easy-to-use document management software with a wide range of support options. If you are trying to organize your company’s files into one central repository or if you are moving toward eliminating paper in your office, Dokmee’s tools do an excellent job. The software does, however, lack some important tools and features that small businesses usually need, like automated workflow and version control.

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