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eFileCabinet Professional Review

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PROS / Among eFileCabinet's numerous capabilities is retention dating, which allows you to store or delete expired documents.

CONS / With so many features, the number of options may feel overwhelming.

 VERDICT / An exceptional choice for small and medium businesses, eFileCabinet provides functions like scanning, tagging, workflow and cloud storage that are easy to use and are robust enough for any end user.

Document management software (DMS) solution eFileCabinet Professional integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications and has built-in workflow. Further, for small and medium businesses that must comply with certain regulations – government or standards bodies (HIPAA, ISO 9000/9001) – this DMS can help you comply with those requirements.

eFileCabinet Professional Compare Quotes

For its unlimited storage, huge template library and automated cloud backup service, eFileCabinet Professional document management software earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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Usability & Storage

eFileCabinet offers several versions of its applications for both hosted and server-side document management systems. For this review, we considered its Desktop Professional edition. While this version is installed on your computer rather than being hosted in the cloud, eFileCabinet levies a monthly fee.

The sheer number of options may be overwhelming to the administrator, but the intuitive interface is simple for users to navigate. Once the application is set up, the wealth of functions can ease and simplify the workload for each user. You can use the easy drag-and-drop functionality to build your own paperless document depositories. You can also create new documents using the large and efficient document template libraries.

Workflow functions let you know what tasks are scheduled and who to assign them to. This software also has an automatic document backup system that saves files to both an onsite folder and to the cloud every 24 hours; however, you can back up your files at any time. Documents are stored on multiple artificial and physical points to secure documents so that, in the event of a disaster, all company documents are protected.

If your business is in an industry governed by regulations, eFileCabinet offers additional support to help you comply. The software provides document controls, audit tracking, permissions, document-retention procedures and sophisticated workflows to help you meet compliance standards, including HIPPA, Securities and Exchange Commission and FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

Management Tools

Administrators and employees have a number of tools available at their fingertips. Administrators can specify a wide range of permissions for each employee that can, for instance, prevent certain employees from permanently deleting documents.

If you and your employees frequently work on the same document set, this DMS's version control feature helps you manage changes to important company files. To work on a document, you open it, and if somebody else is already working on it, the program notifies you and prevents you from making changes to it until it is available.

If you are starting with a paper document with this DMS, the first step is to scan it. You can activate your scanner through this program (saving you the lengthy and frustrating process of locating the scanner on your network, opening it, scanning your document, etc.). Immediately after a document is scanned, it becomes an image.

The best applications, like eFileCabinet, have features like optical character recognition (OCR), which makes the document searchable, and PDF conversion, which allows users to view the document (PDF) regardless of whether or not they have the software that the original document was created with. In eFileCabinet, you can also merge PDFs with other PDFs and split or separate pages. This can all be done through the software, saving you time and some software installation.


The ability to work within the applications you are most familiar with through the portal-like setting makes eFileCabinet a more convenient document control software app than many of the others we reviewed.

It integrates well with most programs, but this is especially true of the much-used Microsoft Office Suite and customer relationship management (CRM) application Salesforce. You simply open your file from inside eFileCabinet. You can then make changes to the document and resave it. Or if you prefer working within the original program, say Microsoft Word, make the edits you want in Word, then save the document back to eFileCabinet. The software also has eSignature integration, so you can add secure and legally binding digital signatures to your documents with ease.

You can also use QuickBooks to store all your financial documents in the same fashion. You can scan receipts, bills and invoices through eFileCabinet and send them directly to QuickBooks. Bill paying and tax time are easy with all your information already organized. Email is also easily integrated into the program. You can save correspondence and receive all pertinent workflow notifications and version alerts by email.

Help & Support

eFileCabinet has a website with tutorial videos to help you understand the software and its capabilities. Videos are organized by topic. There is also a FAQs section, articles on setup and installation, and downloadable manuals.

If you need more help, you can email, call or start a live chat session with a customer service rep. This document management solution works with modern Windows and Mac systems.


With features that include version control, automatic backup, retention scheduling (as well as compliance with government regulations) and robust integration, eFileCabinet is one of the best DMS program for any small- to medium-size business.

eFileCabinet Professional Compare Quotes