Let's Find The Right Document Management Software For You

Pros / Built-in OCR capabilities allow you to scan documents, which are then immediately searchable.

Cons / There are no workflow or version controls, making it more cumbersome to use than top-rated document management software.

 Verdict / FileCenter Pro's intuitive interface makes it a good option for small businesses trying to manage their organization's documents. However, other applications offer a larger selection of document management tools.

FileCenter Pro is an application that is easy to install and integrate into your office processes. This clean and well-designed document management software (DMS) allows you to tag, categorize and file your electronic data as well as properly prepare your paper files. However, FileCenter Pro's strength is as an organizational tool. It does not contain the workflow tools or automatic version controls essential for larger offices. Without these tools, managing working documents is both tedious and difficult, especially among large groups of users.

Thanks to its helpful video tutorials, you can implement this software quickly and easily. When you first launch the program, the system walks you through the steps of transferring files into libraries. You can create your own filing system or look to FileCenter Pro's reusable folder layouts for suggestions. While you can always make changes later, the suggested folder layouts can help you get off to a good start. Cloud storage and backup are set up during this same process as well. Choose the folder you want mirrored to the cloud and that folder is synced on a regular basis.

One feature FileCenter Pro shares with the top-rated applications is the ability to scan paper files from directly inside the software. This allows your office to make the transition to a paperless environment more swiftly. Other, lesser-rated programs use your scanner's application to perform scanning tasks. Having scanning capability inside your DMS saves several time-consuming steps.

When you scan a file, you can use this software's optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities to convert the document's image to searchable text. This allows you to run a full-text search if you can't remember where you filed a document. It also readies the document for copying or editing. FileCenter Pro's in-software capabilities can also convert any file to a PDF, a standard format that allows almost anyone to open and view documents regardless of the software or hardware he or she is using, plus it allows you to combine or split the file in various ways.

There are three other features we love about FileCenter Pro. First, you can save any document directly from within the application, which is a big timesaver. Second, you can send emails from within the software, and, third, upload files from mobile devices.

The most impressive aspect of this document management solution is FileCenter's support. The program features intuitive and helpful tips and tutorial videos. These provide detailed but not overwhelming information. If you need further help, Lucion Technologies, the developer, offers a FAQs section. Customer support agents are also available by email and live chat.

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FileCenter Pro is an easy-to-use DMS application with an excellent support structure. It is extremely easy to install and implement as part of your regular business practices. However, without workflow and version controls, this software is best for smaller businesses where a minimum of document management and control is needed.

FileCenter Pro 8 Compare Quotes

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