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PaperPort Pro 14 Review

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PROS / You can use your phone’s camera to upload a document to PaperPort.

CONS / There is no customer relationship management (CRM) integration.

 VERDICT / If your company requires strong security and compliance, PaperPort Pro’s document management software provides excellent tools to organize and protect even your most sensitive files.

PaperPort Pro from Nuance is a popular resource for document imaging and digital file tracking. Unlike other document management software we reviewed, this program works with Windows Folders, so you don't have to transfer files into the software. This saves you time when adding folders full of documents. Because of its excellent user interface and great tools, PaperPort Pro document management software earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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One of the most impressive features of PaperPort Pro is its intuitive folder structure. When you first open the software, you see all your existing Windows Explorer folders. You can move files around by simply dragging and dropping them.

While PaperPort looks like an enhanced version of Windows Explorer, it is actually much more. In this central document repository, you can easily scan new documents or add files from external sources. During the process, you can apply metadata tags, define regulatory issues that impact the document or even set a date for permanent deletion. You can also specify the backup frequency for your files and folders and where you want them backed up to.

Features of this software also make it easy to select cloud storage as one of your backup options. While many of the applications we review have some of these functions, PaperPort earns our highest rating in this category by having every one of these timesaving features.


Security is an important consideration for any industry. PaperPort Pro’s digital file tracking system allows you to specify unique security permissions for each employee. You can use this function to keep employment records, contracts or healthcare records private, allowing only those with a need to know access to them. 

This document management system also has version controls so that after an employee checks out a document and makes changes, all document stakeholders are notified. The software saves old and new versions of the document, so you can always go back and find an earlier version.

PaperPort gives you the ability to convert files to PDFs by clicking one button. This is essential for searching document contents. You can also choose a combination of optical character recognition (OCR) and PDF conversion while filing your documents into folders. Once a file is in the PDF format, you can merge it with other PDF files or split and separate the pages.

This application comes with document workflow that allows you to set up documents for editing or approval by supervisors or other employees. Despite the other, generally easy-to-use document management tools, the workflow controls take some time and training before you get used to using them.


You can access most applications and complete almost all of your work from inside PaperPort Pro, making it one of the leaders in document management software. While it does not currently provide integration for customer relationship management (CRM) applications like Salesforce, it does work with Evernote, SharePoint, Publisher, Acrobat, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and others.

There are icons at the bottom of the main window for many of these integrated programs. If you open these or many other files types through PaperPort Pro, they pull up in their native applications to allow you to edit or change them. If you want to crop or recolor a photo, you can even work in Paint.

Help & Support

When you open PaperPort Pro, the first window shows you a release notes document and a User Guide. The User Guide helps you understand the software and its capabilities. Once you’re inside the program, a Help tab expands to a ribbon of nine different help options. Each option takes you to a different resource including several step-by-step tutorials under the How-to Guides button. In addition to this in-software help, if you need to contact customer support, representatives are available by telephone and live chat.


Many features set PaperPort Pro apart from other document management software. The program allows you to accomplish many of your day-to-day tasks from inside the software, using the tools you already understand. It also provides you with easy cloud backup, as well as multiple resources for help and support. With the robust security safeguards and regulatory compliance settings, PaperPort Pro stands as an application that can effectively manage and secure documents for any size business.

PaperPort Pro 14 Get Quote