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Speedy Organizer Review

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PROS / The software's small toolbar allows you to work in other applications while organizing files, making it more convenient to use than other programs.

CONS / It doesn't have OCR capabilities, which means you will have to convert files to searchable text.

 VERDICT / Speedy Organizer takes some time to install, but this document management software offers some excellent tools, including cloud storage and document workflows, to help you transition to a paperless office.

Speedy Organizer helps you store all of your business files and track employees' workflow history with a small toolbar that doesn't take up much screen space. Once you have imported your files and folders, a small toolbar appears at the top of the screen. From here, you can import more files, search for documents and explore your imported folders. The best part of its unobtrusive presence is that you can still see most of your monitor and work in other applications.

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This document management system (DMS) works with virtually any program. Once your new document is completed, you drag it to the Speedy Organizer toolbar, and the program readies the document for tagging and storage.

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Every feature and function is represented by an icon on this small toolbar. The biggest learning curve for the novice user is finding out what each icon represents. For the administrator, the learning curve is steeper, as there are repository, registration and firewall settings to deal with.

While Speedy Organizer provides easy-to-use document control tools and ongoing workflow, it lacks the ability to scan directly from the software or perform optical character recognition (OCR). Additionally, the software does not convert files to PDFs, a standard feature we found in all of the top-rated document management solutions. Without this capability, users may not be able to open documents unless they have the application that was used to create the original.

Speedy Organizer takes longer to install than the other DMS programs we evaluated. Once installed, though, it provides informative manuals and tutorials. These detailed in-program guides answer a lot of questions and give you extra insights into the program. If you need extra help, customer support representatives are available by phone and email.

If all your small business or home office needs is an organizational tool, Speedy Document is a strong candidate. In addition to strong tracking and organizational tools, this document management solution offers file backup and workflow history. If you lose a file or if an important document is incorrectly changed, Speedy Document helps you find the correct version you need.


Speedy Organizer DMS does a good job helping you organize and track your business files. You can save or back up your documents to both computer and cloud locations. In addition, the application's small toolbar allows you to continue working in other programs while you organize or search. A useful workflow module is also included. However, you will have to rely on the applications that came with your scanner for several standard tasks – scanning, OCR recognition, converting documents to searchable PDFs or any PDF manipulation – because these are not functions offered in Speedy Organizer.

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