Pros / You can access the administrative account online rather than hosting it on your own server.

Cons / A video tutorial is available, but the manufacturer doesn't publish its product documentation online.

 Verdict / InterGuard gives you a clear view of what your employees are doing while they're on the clock, plus it provides tools to help increase productivity.

InterGuard, by Sonar, is an effective employee monitoring software program capable of tracking internet and application activities on your company's computers. The program is easy to install and navigate through, especially since the collected information is saved and accessed from Sonar's cloud-based server. This is quite different from other applications in which you host the entire program on your own server and computers. It also means you can access reports about the content your employees are viewing from any computer.

This employee monitoring software collects screenshots of the websites your employees access on your company's electronic devices. It tracks email and provides copies of messages so you can ensure only appropriate content is being sent out. It also lets you see if files or documents are attached to outbound messages so you can be sure sensitive data isn't being shared without proper authorization.

InterGuard also includes standard tools for tracking PC applications and programs so you can monitor employees as they create documents, chat, file and delete data. This employee-management software also tracks when USB drives and other removable storage devices are used. You're given the ability to block these devices from being used, a feature not all employee-monitoring solutions provide.

In addition to monitoring employees, InterGuard lets you control access to websites and applications. You decide whether or not you want certain websites blocked or filtered. You can also place time restrictions on when certain PC applications are available to employees.

In-depth reports allow you to quickly see and analyze employee activity to identify any weak links. All employee monitoring is done in silent mode, so employees never know they are being monitored unless you alert them. Screenshots are taken and saved in your online administrative portal for viewing later. You can see a minute-by-minute report of every activity from every user.

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InterGuard gives you a clear view of the websites your employees are accessing, emails that are being sent out and if any sensitive files are attached to those emails. You can control which websites are accessible by setting filters or blocking them completely. You can also set time controls so employees have access to certain applications and programs during specified times. The cloud-based administrative account allows you to access reports and screenshots of employee activity from any computer instead of having to wait until you are in the office.

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