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Pros / This software monitors file movements, even if they are saved to a thumb drive.

Cons / The program isn't easy to install if you want to engage stealth mode.

 Verdict / Work Examiner takes some work to install, but once running, it provides some of the most extensive PC-monitoring tools.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Work Examiner employee monitoring software gives you the ability to track employee activity from your own computer in silent, or stealth, mode, which means unless you tell them, your workers won't know you're watching. You can switch off the stealth mode and monitor in transparent mode. Though your employees will know they are being monitored this way, it could be the extra incentive to help keep them on track and on task.

This employee monitoring software monitors all the important internet activities of your employees. This includes tracking how much time is spent on specific websites, keystrokes to see what employees are sharing on sites and tracking word searches to know that workers are looking for content applicable to their project. Email and instant messages are closely monitored and can be viewed in real time so you can see it as it is happening rather than reviewing captured screenshots later. However, this option (to review captured screenshots) is also available so you don't have to be tied to your desk all the time.

This program can filter and block access to specific websites. You can create alerts that pop up to remind employees that their activity isn't adhering to company policies. It also allows you to set time controls so that some websites and applications are only restricted during certain times of the day. This feature is not very common among employee-monitoring systems.

In addition to employee monitoring, Work Examiner is also PC-monitoring software. This means activity that originates from the desktop and applications that are not accessed through the internet are also monitored. You can track when documents are opened, saved and moved. If content is deleted or reinstated, you are alerted. You can also see when files are moved as well as whether they are attached to an email or transferred to a USB thumb drive.

While testing, it was a little challenging to install Work Examiner. The administrative part of the program quickly installed on our computer without any problems. However, in order to get the client portion of the product installed, we had to turn off all firewalls and other protections, leaving our computers vulnerable. It took some more help from the IT department to ensure the program was monitoring. Other monitoring applications we reviewed had similar issues, though most included detailed instructions for our IT department to follow. We didn't find any such help on the Work Examiner website. We didn't have any issues installing and running in transparent mode.

For any snags you may encounter or questions you need answers for, Work Examiner has provided just about every support option to you, including telephone and email support. It has an easy-to-use FAQs section that is broken down by specific solutions so you know your answers are specifically geared toward you and your problem.


It may take a little time, and perhaps some extra tech support, to install the entire program and get it up and running properly. Once it is running, Work Examiner monitors both internet and PC activity, helping to keep your employees on task and to secure critical documents, files and data.

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