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Pros / A setup wizard makes getting started very simple.

Cons / No ability to integrate with payroll or other human resource software.

 Verdict / Hello Scheduling is a standard scheduling program that’s easy to set up and use, and it offers a dashboard that’s easy to navigate, but the application won’t work with other software, and you can’t create custom reports.

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Editor’s Note: Hello Scheduling's review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been rebranded as TrackSmart. The original Hello Scheduling review is below, but check out our current review on this software in our article on TrackSmart.

Even the most productive companies can benefit from employee scheduling software. Hello Scheduling offers a solid solution to organizing employees, positions and shifts: a work schedule maker that has all of the basic features you need, plus several advanced scheduling capabilities, to help things run smoothly. Although the software does not include the ability to create custom reports, it does offer several report options. Hello Scheduling does not offer data API, so it won’t work with payroll or other human resource software, but it does allow you to export reports. Also, it has a clean interface that makes it easy for managers and employees alike to navigate the application – whether on a computer or mobile device.

You can get started with Hello Scheduling right away. After adding a few entries or importing data – information on your company, employees and shifts – you can start a schedule. The auto-scheduler makes it very easy to choose the right employee for the shift based on employee schedule preferences, time off that’s been approved and availability. If you try to double-schedule a worker, you will be notified so you can avoid it.

After you’ve finished a schedule – whether for the day, week or month – you can post it online for employees to see. And you can send texts and emails to an employee to remind him or her of an upcoming shift. These are beneficial features because employees no longer have to come into work to see what their schedule is and it helps eliminate employee tardiness and absences.

Defining departments and multiple locations is more complicated than some of the other tasks you can perform within the program. You can create multiple groups and then assign employees individually to as many locations or departments as you want.

Beyond building a schedule that suits your business, Hello Scheduling can save you time during your own work hours. One of the ways it does this is by letting your employees log in, choose their ideal work hours and request shift swaps. They can also bid for shifts you designate as open. Regardless of any request made, you have complete control. Every change requires manager approval, so you always remain in control of your workforce schedule.

You can find and organize scheduling data in many ways with Hello Scheduling’s many reporting options. For example, this product stores employee information such as scheduled hours, pay rates, and labor costs. You can pull this information into a report with just a few mouse clicks. You can also see daily, weekly and monthly schedules and print them or post them online. However, without a custom report tool, you are limited to the reports that are included in the application.

The company offers several resources to assist you in case you have any questions or concerns while using Hello Scheduling. The website has a knowledgebase and a discussion board, and you can call or email a support representative for direct support.


Hello Scheduling has all of the features and capabilities you need to manage scheduling for almost any business. This staff management software is easy to use and has good communication options. However, it does not have as many reporting options to choose from as some others reviewed here, and it does not include a data API for working with other software such as HR and payroll.

Hello Scheduling Visit Site