Pros / You can easily modify schedules with a drag-and-drop interface.

Cons / Your employees won’t have easy access to the software because it isn’t cloud-based.

 Verdict / Snap Schedule makes scheduling easy for your business, but it lacks the convenient access-anywhere ease of cloud-based services.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 Employee Scheduling Software here.

Snap Schedule 365 has informed us that it does, in fact, have employee portals for iOS, Windows and Android apps and is a cloud-based service. We will fully evaluate this information the next time we update our employee scheduling software reviews.

Snap Schedule gives you total control over managing your employees’ time – whether it’s through schedules, time off or overtime. The program allows you to set up rules so you receive schedule conflict warnings based on an employee’s availability or time off. You can also run a multitude of reports to see a record of hours, labor costs and employee skills.

Snap Schedule requires a download and local installation. The scheduling software is Windows-based, but you can run it on a Mac if you have software that enables you to run Windows programs. This isn’t a cloud-based service, so you and your employees will not be able to access the application remotely. Snap Schedule does make it possible, though, for you to post schedules online and synchronize with other calendars. Your employees can receive email and text alerts via email if you set it up through the software.

The initial setup of Snap Schedule is time-consuming, but once you have employee information in the system and you’ve started creating schedules, the process becomes easier and smoother. You can easily modify a schedule by dragging and dropping shifts into a schedule. To delete a time block, you can simply click on it and press “delete” on your keyboard. If you set up rules under the schedule validation settings, you can receive conflict warnings whenever you have issues arise such as an employee being scheduled to work on a non-working day, non-approved overtime or during time off.

The best employee scheduling software includes several reporting options, such as assignment calendars, daily shift assignments, work hours by location and labor costs. Snap Schedule is no exception – the work schedule maker gives you more than 30 report options. Having the ability to track labor costs can help you determine whether you need to cut back on labor or if you can increase your employees’ hours. The reports are well organized and you can change the date range to see results by week, month or year.

If there’s something you can’t quite figure out within the program, you have many choices for seeking help. You can attempt to find the answer to your question in the help section within the program. Most of the answers include a written explanation of how to perform a task along with a screenshot for visual reference. If you would prefer help from a person, you can pop online to the company’s website and ask someone via live chat. Snap Schedule also offers help through email or by phone.

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Although employees won’t be able to access the Snap Schedule online, you can get schedules to them by email, calendar sync and text-via-email. This program helps streamline the scheduling process for any size business easily and quickly, and it only requires a one-time fee, unlike cloud-based services.

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