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WhenToWork Review

PROS / You can communicate with your employees in several ways through the software.

CONS / The interface design is outdated and difficult to navigate.

 VERDICT / WhenToWork gives you the majority of the tools you need to schedule your employees, including several tools for communication, but the interface is extremely outdated, and support is limited.

WhenToWork meets almost every standard for being one of the best employee scheduling software programs available. It has all of the basics you would want in a work schedule maker, such as data importing and exporting, and a mobile app. And it goes beyond with its many forms of communication for you and your employees. However, the application falls short of being named the best because of its clunky and outdated design, which makes it slightly more difficult to navigate, and its lack of support.

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It’s important to include accurate email addresses and cell phone numbers when filling out employee details so you can make use of the best features WhenToWork offers. Under the messaging tab, you will find several ways to connect with your employees. You can email through the application and address everyone in the company, or send a notification to one specific person, or even fire off communications by positions. For example, if you run a couple of restaurants and need to send an email to all of the bartenders about carding every customer who purchases alcohol, you can choose to email bartenders only. You can also send out urgent text alerts, for example, in the event of an employee calling in sick, causing you to need to find someone quickly to fill a shift. Also, because employees can access WhenToWork anywhere they have an internet connection, you can get a message to all of them through the employee homepage notice board. There’s also a bulletin board where you, your managers and employees (if you give them permission) can post a message for all of the company to see when they log in.

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Although WhenToWork’s capabilities are comprehensive, the application falters in its design. The interface is sorely outdated – and aesthetics are hardly the issue here. Several drop-down menus and buttons are similar in size, color and appearance, making it difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. When working on schedules, you’ll find the calendar is repeated on the bottom of the page – the purpose of which is unclear.

Design aside, the scheduling software gives your employees the option of bidding on open shifts, swapping shifts and setting their availability – very useful features. You can drag and drop shifts on the calendar and export the schedule to integrate with other calendars you use. If someone gets double-booked or is slated to work more hours than permitted, you will receive warnings as you schedule, but the application won’t prevent you from scheduling.

WhenToWork is severely lacking in help and support. Although you can contact the company’s support team by email, you cannot reach anyone by phone or live chat. There are, however, help guides on the website that provide detailed instructions on how to perform certain tasks within the program, as well as screenshots for visual reference.


With WhenToWork you get a strong scheduling program that is capable of doing the heavy lifting for you and your business, but the program does have issues. In spite of the lack of support and the outdated design, WhenToWork, with its numerous scheduling and communication tools, proves a strong choice.

WhenToWork Compare Quotes