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WorkSchedule .Net Review

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PROS / It offers automatic scheduling, even giving your best employees the best shifts.

CONS / The interface is the most complex to use in our review.

 VERDICT / WorkSchedule.Net offers comprehensive employee scheduling software that lets you automate schedules, integrate with other programs and allow employees to set up shift availability. However, it’s the least user-friendly of all the programs we examined.

WorkSchedule.Net provides employee scheduling software that enables you to create and post a full schedule with shifts assigned to employees or left open for available employees to request. It also has automated scheduling that can assign your best employees to the most popular shifts. It includes messaging and alert capabilities, custom reporting, exportable data, and API integration with popular third-party programs. However, this feature-heavy work schedule maker is the most difficult to learn of all the work schedule makers on our lineup.

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WorkSchedule.Net’s interface is not as intuitive as the best scheduling software we reviewed. Our testers found that it took multiple steps to do what other software could do in one click. Some common tools that other programs place on the dashboard have to be accessed through separate tabs. Setup, even with the wizard, may take a little longer than is standard, and this employee schedule maker does not import schedules from other sources to save time.

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Once all the information is in, some automated features make scheduling easier. The automation tools can assign employees to their best-fitting shift based on their availability and skills. The software also handles multiple locations with relative ease. WorkSchedule.Net backs up your data, which is helpful in emergencies.

This software has a strong reporting and integrations setting. While it only offers seven reports, it covers the most important information, and you can customize reports for greater focus. In addition, you can export data to CSV format, including information on departments, tasks, time off, schedules and time sheets. This allows you to export it to other software. This employee schedule maker integrates with QuickBooks and offers API capability to integrate with other programs.

For all its varied features, the one thing it lacks is a comprehensive mobile app. While it can send alerts via mobile, administrators cannot create or manage schedules on tablets or smartphones, nor can they use their mobile devices to send a message or alert through WorkSchedule.Net. If the ability to work away from your desk is important, this is not the best employee scheduling software for you on our lineup.

Employees do have a mobile app that lets them see their schedules, and they can manage their schedules anywhere they have an internet connection. Like the administrative side of the work scheduler, the employee program doesn't have the most intuitive interface, but once they get the hang of it, employees can view schedules, swap or pick up shifts, and receive reminders via text or email.


WorkSchedule.Net offers strong administrative capabilities. With it, you can create schedules for multiple locations or departments and set up automatic scheduling. You can export data for use in many payroll programs, and it integrates with QuickBooks and other programs through its APIs. It is a more complex system than most schedulers, however, requiring a steeper learning curve for administrators as well as employees.

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