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Fax.com Review

PROS / Fax.com provides 300 pages per month to use for both inbound and outbound faxes.

CONS / Overage fees for incoming and outgoing faxes are the highest on the lineup and above the industry average fee.

 VERDICT / Fax.com is easy to use and set up. It has the basic features you need to send and receive faxes over the internet; although, it is missing some more advanced features.

This fax software is available on a month-to-month basis for a low fee; however, Fax.com is one of the few software on our lineup to charge an account setup fee with service. This software gives you a 300-page per month allotment for both incoming and outgoing faxes. This gives you the flexibility to choose how you use your pages and is one of the better deals on our lineup. However, if you go over this 300-page allotment, Fax.com has the highest overage fees on the lineup for both inbound and outbound faxes.

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With this fax to email software, you have the option to send faxes through your email account or the software's online interface; each method is user friendly and intuitive. Additionally, you have access to your faxes no matter where you are. As long as you have an internet connection, you can reach your documents through a desktop, laptop, cell phone or tablet. However, this faxing software does not have a designated app.

When you send faxes with this software, you can add electronic signatures and sync the software with your Microsoft Outlook account. While you can send faxes anywhere in the United States or Canada at the regular rate, you are charged a fee for international faxes that is comparable to the other software on our lineup. You also cannot schedule the delivery of faxes, which can be cumbersome when sending faxes to recipients in different time zones.

With Fax.com, it is easy to send a fax to email. Simply click the Send a Fax icon, found at the top of the screen; this brings up the fax form that needs to be filled out before a fax is sent. We found that this software was easy to navigate; however, the program kept signing us out throughout the faxing process. If a fax fails to go through on the first attempt, this PC fax software will auto-resend up to five times. Using this faxing software is a simple process, though it lacks advanced features.

You have the option of a local or a toll-fee fax number when you first set up your faxing software. Fax.com automatically converts incoming faxes to PDF or TIFF; this means that no matter what format a fax is sent as, you can access and view the document.

Help and support with this software is thorough. While product support lacks live chat, you can email and call a representative with questions. In our tests, we received in-depth answers quickly from customer support. If you do not want to contact support, you have the option of viewing video tutorials and looking through the searchable FAQs section on the company website.


Fax.com is easy to use. There is very little learning curve, so you can begin sending faxes from your computer as soon as the fax software is set up. While this software is easy to use, it lacks the advanced features of higher-ranked services. However, if you need a simple faxing software for your business needs and do not need specialized options, Fax.com is a good choice.

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