Pros / You can send faxes directly from Windows applications, create custom cover sheets, send faxes to email addresses and schedule faxes

Cons / FaxTalk does not include smartphone or tablet features. This is software and not a fax service, so it does not provide telephone or fax numbers either.

 Verdict / If you are looking for simple-to-use fax software with the ability to broadcast faxes and schedule distribution, FaxTalk will satisfy your needs.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Fax Software here.

With FaxTalk, you can abandon your old fax machine and use your computer to create, send, receive and manage faxes. It is fax software, so you only have to make one purchase to acquire faxing capabilities, and monthly payments are not required. There is no send or receive limit either. However, FaxTalk does not provide fax numbers. To use the software, you will need to acquire a number from another source, and standard telephone fees will apply when you send faxes using a phone line.

FaxTalk includes a long list of traditional faxing features, such as the ability to create, preview, send and print faxes. It includes cover-page templates as well as the ability to create and manage custom cover letters. You can convert received faxes to PDF or TIFF files and forward them to interested parties via email. Like traditional fax machines, you can configure FaxTalk to print confirmations. FaxTalk does not include mobile tools. Therefore, you cannot create, send or receive faxes using a mobile device, and it does not have mobile alerts.

Because this is not an internet faxing service, you are not restrained by contractual send or receive limits. Using this software, you can send and receive as many faxes as you desire, and it can broadcast faxes to numerous recipients. To help ease the burden on your phone lines or bandwidth, you can schedule faxes to go out during low-use times.
This Windows fax and scan software can block spam faxes. It utilizes caller ID to log incoming calls and faxes. FaxTalk is also compatible with distinctive ring technology to help you distinguish phone calls from incoming faxes.

This fax software for Windows can send faxes by print command and directly from any Windows application, including Outlook. Faxing by print command means that FaxTalk can send a fax from most software. FaxTalk simply applies itself to your printer list, and you can select it as a printer option and fax from there. However, it does not fax from mobile devices and does not include a web interface for sending or receiving faxes via an online account from any device. You can only send faxes from the computer where the software is installed.


FaxTalk provides all the traditional fax tools as well as the ability to send faxes via email. However, it does not include a new fax number or mobile tools. This software does not come with more modern fax tools, such as mobile compatibility and an internet interface.