Pros / The software helps foster HIPAA compliance and allows you to fax directly from any application, including your email client.

Cons / Since it is server software, FAXmaker is not suitable for personal or single users.

 Verdict / GFI FAXmaker is well worth the investment if you have five or more individuals on your network who fax regularly.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Designed for small to medium-size businesses, GFI FAXmaker is unique fax software that focuses on convenience and efficiency with a rich feature set and robust faxing capabilities. The software integrates with your mail server and allows users on the network to send faxes from any application and receive faxes through their email client. Much like other fax software products we reviewed, GFI FAXmaker eliminates the need for manual faxing and the inconveniences associated with it.

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Price & Value

FAXmaker comes with a complete, robust feature set, delivering virtually every faxing feature we sought. Its mail server integration means whether there are five people on the network or 100, each one can access the fax software from their own computer. Additionally, the software boasts complete application integration with its Netprinter driver, allowing you to fax documents from any application, not just your email client; you simply click print and select FAXmaker as your printer. Another notable sending feature the fax software offers is fax sending automation. This means you can configure the software to automatically send a fax under specified circumstances. For example, if your business receives an order from a customer, you can set it to automatically send a confirmation fax as soon as the order comes in.

Some of the more basic but essential features FAXmaker contains include a fax scheduler, auto resend and transaction logs. The transaction logs allow you to generate reports of your total fax usage over a specified period of time.

As server software, FAXmaker boasts email server support, clustering support and database server support. Furthermore, the software provides localization, virtualization and seamless integration with Active Directory, a directory service by Microsoft widely used by corporations to provide multifarious network services. One feature completely unique to FAXmaker in our fax software lineup is in addition to faxes, it also allows you to send and receive SMS (text) messages directly from email clients. This is convenient because you can text your message directly to a recipient's phone.

FAXmaker supports a range of fax devices, enabling the fax software to seamlessly integrate with your existing business infrastructure. For instance, FAXmaker supports fax over IP, which allows you to fax over the internet. Sending faxes online directly to a recipient’s inbox eliminates many of the security issues of faxing to shared fax machine. The software additionally supports a range of fax cards, fax boards, ISDN card and fax modems so you can send faxes to conventional fax machines.

When it comes to receiving features, FAXmaker is likewise powerful and impressive. You have the ability to save faxes as files. In fact, the fax software has settings that allow you to archive received and sent faxes to a mailbox or database automatically. This is not only a convenient feature but a vital one if you are in a government-regulated industry. In fact, FAXmaker helps foster compliance with HIPAA and other government mandates that enforce privacy guidelines for confidential information (e.g., health records). We also liked how the software has a convenient spam filter that keeps unwanted junk faxes out of your inbox. Finally, we felt it worthy to mention that the software supports more than 100 languages, making it a viable option for businesses located in many different countries.

Sending & Receiving Faxes

Much like other fax software, FAXmaker allows you to create custom cover pages, replete with your company logo and pertinent contact information. In addition, the software also comes with template cover pages where you can easily just input your information. The software also has CSID, which stands for the calling subscriber identification. This simply allows you to identify the fax number and attached name of an incoming fax.

Other extras the fax software provides include the ability to save faxes as PDFs (a user-friendly format most users can access) and the ability to print out faxes directly from the FAXmaker interface.

While you can include digital signatures on your faxes, this isn’t a built-in feature of the software. You must create the digital signatures separately and add them to custom cover pages and fax documents.

Customer Support

Given its robust capabilities and extensive features, we weren’t surprised to find the fax software is slightly more cumbersome to use than other products in our lineup. The vast amount of features and options within the software along with its industrial, no-frills appearance can be a bit overwhelming, especially for new users.

However, despite its utilitarian look and feel the software has a relatively small learning curve and it only takes a few times browsing around the interface to become really familiar with the software.


FAXmaker is fax software that is obviously not meant for personal or single users, but if you have a business with two or more individuals who need to fax, the software proves to be an effective and efficient faxing solution. The software is rich in beneficial features that can help streamline and, in some cases, automate your faxing processes. While the software may have a bit of a learning curve for some users, its comprehensive help and support resources make the software accessible, comprehendible and easy to use for all users. Plus, the various contact methods offered by GFI ensure you can always receive direct technical help anytime you need it. As such, GFI FAXmaker is ideal fax software for any business with multiple users and extensive faxing needs.

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