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Pros / GreenFax provides a variety of plans suitable for most fax situations, including corporate plans and prepaid send-only plans.

Cons / The price of sending additional faxes varies and can be confusing. On top of that, every plan has different rates.

 Verdict / If you do not want to commit to a contract and only need to send out a few faxes a month, GreenFax provides a decent and affordable prepaid plan.

GreenFax PC fax software, as the name implies, is designed to help your office use less paper and fewer resources. With this fax to email software, you can send and receive a fax over internet connections with any computer or mobile device that can access your email account.

GreenFax does not require specific hardware, a fax modem or an existing fax number. This fax to email software provides local fax numbers available in more than 150 area codes as well as toll-free numbers. High-volume accounts are available as are low-priced, send-only accounts.

This fax program offers five plans, ranging from prepaid, send-only plans to corporate accounts. The most popular plan is GreenFax's Signature Software Plan. This plan supports 250 incoming and 100 outgoing faxes per month. Using this plan, you can forward incoming faxes to up to five email addresses. You get the benefit of lifetime cloud storage for your received faxes and free, secure inbound fax options. The fee for over-the-limit incoming faxes is 3 cents per page. Over-the-limit outgoing faxes cost an additional 7 cents for the first page and 5 cents for each additional page.

The Hi-Volume Plan is an affordable option if you receive numerous faxes. This plan includes a dedicated fax number in the area code of your choice and 1,000 incoming pages. Additional pages with this plan are only 2 cents each. All plans include archiving software for an additional fee.

With GreenFax PC to fax program, you can send faxes to an email address, from an email account and through a web interface. In our hands-on tests, we found the online dashboard simple, yet user-intuitive. While GreenFax lacks some of the features we looked for in the best fax software, we had little trouble sending faxes from the desktop application. GreenFax does not offer an iPhone or Android app, yet we were able to successfully send a fax by logging into the dashboard from a mobile browser.

Faxing to an email address is the least secure option, so GreenFax provides a free method to send these faxes securely. To secure inbound faxes, you can send inbound faxes to a GreenFax account secured by an SSL security protocol.


GreenFax is convenient and can be accessed from anywhere. It offers a low-price, high-volume account and an affordable send-only account. This fax-to-computer software also offers a method for online faxing that is more secure than email faxing. Affordable rates combined with secure faxing make GreenFax an attractive choice.

GreenFax Signature Visit Site