Pros / You can store your faxes in the MyFax database for an unlimited amount of time.

Cons / This service limits the number of pages you can send and receive each month rather than giving you a shared total number of pages per month.

 Verdict / MyFax is a solid option to satisfy most business faxing needs.

MyFax has a full feature set, making it competitive with the best fax software on our lineup. With the software, you have unlimited storage, international faxing capabilities and Microsoft Outlook integration. Additionally, MyFax lets you sign your documents electronically and send messages to multiple recipients at once.

For $10 a month, you get a total of 300 faxed pages allotted to your account. Unlike some other fax software, MyFax assigns your allotted pages to either received or sent faxes. You're allowed to send 100 pages and receive 200 pages a month. If you were to send 200 pages and receive 100, you would be penalized. Overages for either category are 10 cents a page. MyFax does not charge a setup fee, though.

Using MyFax, you can send faxes by email, internet, and iPhone or Android phone. MyFax can integrate with Microsoft Outlook, and you can log in to this fax program's online portal and email faxes from anywhere. The iPhone and Android app is free to download, allowing faxing from your computer or smartphone. We found that both the online platform and mobile app are easy to navigate and send faxes from.

Your MyFax account can archive faxes and send faxes to traditional fax machines. To help your faxes send successfully, this fax software sends you delivery confirmations by email. It allows you to send a fax to multiple fax numbers at once. Because it sends faxes over the internet, you never have to worry about jammed phone lines. MyFax allows faxing from up to five email addresses, so you can share one account with up to four co-workers without any additional cost.

Incoming faxes appear as emails with the fax as an attachment. Regardless of how faxes are sent, this software converts the faxes into PDF or TIFF so that you can easily access the file no matter what format it was sent as. This faxing software stores received faxes for an unlimited amount of time, a feature that only half the services in our review offer.

Furthermore, MyFax supports a toll-free or international number if you choose this route instead of a local number. It includes the toll-free options as part of its basic package without extra costs, which not every service on our lineup does. International faxing does come at an extra fee.

In our hands-on tests, we contacted MyFax customer support multiple times via email and over the telephone. When we sent email requests, representatives typically responded within the hour with thorough answers. If you would rather seek out answers yourself, the FAQs and tutorials provide detailed assistance. You can also reach out via live chat.


MyFax is simple to use and a good choice if you are new to faxing from computers. Though its style of page allotment is more restrictive than most of the other monthly allowances on our lineup, it does offer nearly every faxing feature we looked for in our review and stores faxes for an unlimited amount of time.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Sending & Receiving Faxes

Ease of Use
Schedule Delivery
Electronic Signature
Multiple Recipients
Microsoft Outlook Integration
International Faxing
Toll-Free Number
Fax Storage Limit
No Limit

Customer Support

Toll-Free Phone Support
Email/Online Forms
Live Chat

Price & Value

Monthly Cost
Setup Fee
Fax Overage Fee
Monthly Page Allotment
100 Sent; 200 Rec'd