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Nextiva vFAX Review

PROS / Nextiva offers low prices, high page allotments and the option to send faxes using a traditional fax machine.

CONS / This service does not provide digital signature tools or a scan-to-fax option.

 VERDICT / If you primarily fax within the United States, Nextiva is an excellent choice. Nextiva's plans are generous and affordable, with low overage fees.

Nextiva Fax is a value-priced, high-quality internet fax software. The service has a wide range of packages and payment options to select from to find the right fax service for you or your company. The service has a 500-page allotment for either sent or received faxes, and only charges 3 cents per page if you go over – one of the lowest overage fees in the industry. For these reasons, we award Nextiva Fax our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Sending Faxes

With Nextiva, you can send faxes from your computer to email addresses or traditional fax machines. You can access copies of your sent faxes from your email or the online portal. 

While using this email to fax software, we encountered a few errors, including difficulties logging in from our mobile devices. This PC fax software interface was not user-intuitive, and the viewing dashboard needed to be adjusted before we could accurately navigate the portal. If you have questions, there is a step-by-step guide for sending faxes in the platform, which helps walk you through the process. Aside from the difficultly navigating the platform, once you get set up, there is little learning needed for the sending and receiving process.

There are a few sending features missing from this faxing software, including the ability to electronically sign documents and international faxing.

Page Usage

This fax software provides a wide range of plans, from an introductory plan of 500-shared pages to corporate accounts. You can choose between a monthly or annual subscription. With the annual subscription, you not only pay less than the alternative, but you can also cancel it at any time and receive a refund for the remaining unused months.

This software has a 500-page allotment each month for either sending or receiving faxes. This service offers one of the best values on our lineup, with a large fax allotment and the ability to choose how you use those pages.

Receiving Faxes

This fax from computer program stores received faxes for up to one year; while some programs do not put a limit on this storage, a year is still one of the longest lengths.

Nextiva automatically converts received faxes into PDF or TIFF formats. This means that no matter what format someone sends you, you can view the file. This software gives you the option to upgrade to a toll-free number for a small fee.

One feature that is missing from Nextiva's offerings is the ability to block senders. This means that if you are receiving spam or other unwanted messages, you can't block the number sending them.

Customer Support

Should you need help setting up or troubleshooting your fax software, Nextiva is easy to contact. Live chat and FAQs are available on the website. You can also speak with a representative on the phone or email the support team for extra help. In our tests, each time we contacted support, the representative was friendly and knowledgeable.


Nextiva's straightforward, low pricing makes it an attractive fax over internet option. Depending on how much you fax to computers or go over your page allotment, it may be one of the best-priced fax software for you. Using this software, you can send and receive 500 fax transmissions per month at a rate comparable to similar fax software. Nextiva also provides dependable customer service and fax number options.

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